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CVS Pharmacy / CVS Caremark / made me hate my job

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I currently work for a CVS company. I used to love my job. However, what I have discovered is that employees are forced to tear off the 1-800 numbers that print out on customers receipts and call them in in order to achieve a great Triple SSS score at the end of each month. Our photo lab sucks. The machine is 25 years old and breaksdown weekly. On top of that whenever you have a problem with the store manager, in our district, there isn't anyone to turn to for help because they are all men and cover up for one another. Including faxing confidential emails to each other that were meant for their eyes only. I hate my job now, but I love the customers. I have even applied at a local Wal-Mart due to the stress from working at CVS. I do agree with the pharmacy tech. I have seen them yelled out and more than that over various issues to which the tech has no control over.

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  • Tb
      10th of Feb, 2010
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    Men, with their secret societies and e-mail clubs. They're as bad as women, with their gossip circles and hen-pecking sessions, bring down all those that don't adhere to their idea of a perfect world. And animals, don't get me started with the animals

  • Cv
      20th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    All managers call the SSS number themselves. It should be counted as some sort of fraud since they are technically contest entry forms. If an employee calls the number instead of the intended customer doesn't change the odds?

  • At
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    I also work for CVS and was there when it was still owned by OSCO. Like you, I used to like my job. But now, they have cut back our hours so much that our store looks horrible all the time and we don't have enough time to get all of our work done. Our store isn't a 24 hr. store and after 8:00 there are only two people in the front end - a supervisor and a cashier. There are just so many things you can do at once. Also, like you, I love my customers. I've been at my store for almost 5 years and enjoy seeing the faces that I've come to know. Customer service isn't a problem with me. We can't keep good help because CVS won't pay a decent wage. What has gotten me on my soapbox is this statement I read yesterday in the finance section of Yahoo -

    NEW YORK (AP) -- In a story March 18 about CVS Caremark Corp. The Associated Press erroneously reported the compensation received by CEO Tom Ryan. He received compensation valued at $16.2 million, not $14.4 million, and the value of his stock and options awards on the dates they were granted was $11.1 million, not $9.3 million.

    This man alone, makes millions of dollars a year. We are overworked, underpaid and for what? To line these people's pockets? And on top of that, they make so much money off of their own employees. Remember I said that I worked for OSCO? Well, our employee discount in OSCO days for store brands was either 13% over cost if you paid cash and 18% if you put it on a credit card so I have a very good idea what the store brand OTC drugs cost. What discount do we get now - 20% on name brands and 30% on store brands. That is a major difference, it might not sound like it, but it is.

    I really like my job, I don't like working for CVS though. But what do you do? There is nothing to do, either find a job elsewhere or find a complaint board like this one! Sorry for the tirade - but I feel better now :)

  • In
      17th of Apr, 2011
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    Five years ago, CVS was a great company to work for. The hours exsisted, and the productive work enviornment also had an element of fun. Now I work for a company who somehow manages to survive on coupons. If you have never looked at the facebook page for CVS, it is essentially a catalyst of coupon hell. Why have a price checker like every other profitable retailer, when you can make it print coupons too? It's another money maker that we are forced to entertain. Cvs has to show that not only do people use that stupid thing, but they also redeem the coupons. Decrease the available hours by around 1/2 over the last 5 years, and increase the transaction time 3 fold due to coupons. The reason every cvs employee hates the coupon binders is because the whole store has to stop working to become cashiers when you see these people. As if the hemorage from coupons wasn't enough, I should discuss signs. Price cuts, Threshold, Weekly, Monthly, Compare & Save, White Recall signs... SERIOUSLY?! I can't tell you any other place that I have seen such an inornate structure of pricing. This whole Pricing/Signing seems to be to combat the rampid coupon abuse that cvs suffers. It also has left every item in the store on some kind of sale, leaving me (the employee) without a discount. When you work 5 hours cashiering & cleaning, and stocking, and all that other cvs stuff, a discount is something that you really feel owed. When you find out that discount is not happening because you have to buy 3 of the item @ 2.99 each to save a whoping .11 cents per, it makes you resinate with a stress that just shouldn't exsist. Finally I have to touch on the dreaded word, "Corprate". This word is essentially a viable threat, used by unapproving customers, when they find that the employee, in an effort to do his/her job will not allow the refund/coupon/raincheck. What should be an asset to the employee, has become sort of a demonic plague against stores instead. I actually don't fear the corprate phone calls. That said, the customers who call and are awarded $20-$50.00 Gift cards, rewarding fraudulent, unruly, or childish behavior, usually makes the hemorages that I get from the other issues explode. At the end of the day, the underpaid, under appreciated cvs employee is beat down, written up, and still needs a drink they will pay full price for. The customer who had a coupon for something they didn't buy, and wanted a raincheck for something in stock, and needed a refund for something they wrote a check for yesterday, will win. The 4% raise I no longer get appears to fund the hell that i show up to work for. I will be much happier when I leave CVS/pharmacy. I also would never recomend it to anyone as a place to work.

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