CVS Caremark / prescription

MA, United States

I have switched from filling my prescriptions at a CVS pharmacy to filling my prescriptions at a Walgreen's pharmacy, because of convenience. When I last filled a prescription at CVS, I was told that I had to fill it 3 months at a time in order for my insurance to cover it. So I called my doctor and got a new prescription for 3 month increments. Then I switched to Walgreens. I was told that my insurance will only cover 1 month increments, so I called and got my doctor to send a new prescription for 1 month increments. Then I was told that I had to "opt-out" of CVS mail order pharmacy service. So I did. Just transferred a second prescription to Walgreens from CVS. Was told that I have to opt-out...again. So I called to opt-out and told them that I want to opt out for ALL future prescriptions, that I will never use the CVS mail order pharmacy (actually, at this point, I'll never use a CVS pharmacy). I was told that I couldn't opt out because Walgreens couldn't fill my prescriptions in 3 month increments. This is the definition of unfair and deceptive business practices. They lie to you, hoping you'll use their pharmacy service. The only reason Walgreens can't fill my prescriptions for 3 months at a time is because CVS Caremark won't allow them to. And then CVS Caremark tells me that I have to opt out every time I have a new prescription at Walgreen's because they can't fill them for 3 month periods.

Feb 23, 2013

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