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Curves for Women Gym / The overall attitude stunk!

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I joined Curves for Women in March of 2005. Upon sign up, I asked them about cancellation of the one year membership, and the assured me, that with a doctors note, you can cancel your membership with just a charge of one months payment - fine, I joined! In November of 2005, I became pregnant and did not wish to continue with my memebership for fear of losing the pregnancy. My dues were not due until the 7th of the month - well on the evening of the 6th, my husband dropped off in person the dr. note, yet they still deducted my dues b/c they said they did the banking, etc the night before!!! Then, about a month later, I unfortunatly miscarried. I didn't feel the need to tell the gym my personal business, so I left it at that (since my husband and I were planning on trying for another baby). So in May, I receive a letter saying my membership will be taken off hold and I dues will resume being taken out on may 15th (I receieved the letter on May 5th or so). I immediatly called the following day and the manager was not in, I left a message and she called back the following day. I explained to her the situation (miscarriage b/c she would know anyway b/c my sister attends that gym and everyone knows everyones business). I also told her that if I was still pregnant, I would not be anle to work out at 6 month pregnant!!! She says she will look into what she can do - fast forward to June of this year (2006) and she calls and says I never called her back (she was supposed to call me back). She says the same thing - I will be charged a $89 fee for cancelling - I said fine cancel it then but I HAD a dr. note - she then says the only dr. note that allows to to cancel a membership is when it states you can never work out again!!!! I told her i was never told this upon joining!!!! Then I again told her it made no sense b/c if I was still pregnant, I would be 8 months now - and she tells me "well we have an 8 month pregnant woman working out now" - I dont care, i tell her - i think that woman is crazy then!!! I told her i can't come back b/c the hours stink and i have no one to watch my girls - she says bring them in - i told her i tried that once and got an attitude from an employee. Finally i told her i would come in sept when the girls start pre-k and she said she would call me back and let me know if i could hold it that long!!!!! if i am coming back - i am going for the 2 or 3 months left on the contract and then i will never, ever renew again. On a side note, the hrs. stunk, i never felt i had privacy there - i felt the employees would discuss private stuff they knew about you with other members (i heard it myself while working out there) and the overall attitude stunk - plus i dont think it was a good workout - 3 different employees showed me 3 different ways to work out on one machine!!!!!!!

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  • Sh
      9th of Jul, 2007
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    Curves stinks. I join a month and a half ago. I decided that LA Fitness was a better fit for me, so I called Curves to cancel.

    They informed me that I signed a one year contract. I said that I understood that but what about canceling early and paying a penalty fee. They said no, that I have to pay $39 for the next 10 months !! I do not like the Curves environment and it took me longer than 3 days to figure that out. (3 days is their time frame they give you do cancel). The work out is not much a work out. There is one lady there that comes in everyday wearing street clothes and she does the circuit not wearing any shoes! And another lady joined that always wears skirts!!! Sure they're long and it's probably a requirement of her religion or something, but I find it very unsettling to have this lady using the equipment wearing a skirt!

  • Ha
      23rd of Aug, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree! Now, they have moved out of our town, and i wonder how many others have been left-without??? I never liked curves from day one. But joined because of a friend and, there was always the owner in there--a man. Staring at us---he was far from friendly too. They bugged u, to come in, or to donate food. Yeah, they probably kept it! Yet in some places-like main for instance, i was told that u can only go to curves a couple times a week! Then read on here, that u had to make an appt?? Wtf!!? I want to know, why money cannot be refunded!! Notes from the dr? EVERY MONTH? That is bull. I say a class action suit be held against curves. First it's $300- then a ''fee'' for joining---duh, part of the $300? Then we had to bring in huge bags of food? Every time, it was something else they were trying to sell and i thought the avon lady was bad? At least they give samples, lol... my friend became very ill and couldn't go. She should be entitled to that money because she stopped going!

  • Sa
      11th of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I recently went to a curves gym to see if it was the gym for me.

    Surprised and slightly outraged at the environment.
    The gym appeared to be set up in a day care. With cloud, and star stickers all over the place. I actually asked if a daycare shared their space suring off hours...They looked offended that I'd ask such a thing.

    I understand the demographic target they are shooting for, but come on!!!
    When it came time to decide if I'd join or not the staff became a little pushy, and were less open about answering tougher questions.

    When asked the biggest questions about their qualifications and training; I was starred at like a deer caught in headlights.
    Only to learn NONE of the staff are qualified trainers, in fitness and/or how the body works. None of the staff had first aid training as far as the sale person knew.
    They are only able to take your measurements, monitor heart rates and how you use their equipment.

    They are trained on THEIR equipment by cd's provided to them through their head office; and do a "training review" once a month, again by cd.
    How accurate that information is? I don't know, but that is what the sales pitch was.

    Needless to say, I would strongly suggest against joining this gym.

    Warm regards,

    Coquitlam, B.C. Canada

  • Be
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    Cruves for my was nothing but a waist of energer and gas. I feel though, there should be much better trainers , that part is awful. I also left curves due to very personal reason,they did very little for me, my starting weight was 165lbs. one month later curves scales reported my weight as 180lbs. that was a joke.
    I've never weighed that much in my life. They lie to keep women coming back. The same day my doctor's scale showed that I weighed only 165 still. They put it on losing muscle, well whatever!!! I paid my dues faithfully for one year, which is what my contract stated we must do if we decide not to cancell early. After one year they continued to take money out of my bank account. I called our local curver here in Alabama and was told that i had to write a letter of concellation . You can rest forsure that only letter I write will be to my local Better Business Bureau and lawyer.Eating healthy and dieting I lost no weight the in 4 months when i was there.

  • Be
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    Cruves for my was nothing but a waist of energy and gas. I feel though, there should be much better trainers , that part is awful. I also left curves due to very personal reason,they did very little for me, my starting weight was 165lbs. one month later curves scales reported my weight as 180lbs. that was a joke.
    I've never weighed that much in my life. They lie to keep women coming back. The same day my doctor's scale showed that I weighed only 165 still. They put it on losing muscle, well whatever!!! I paid my dues faithfully for one year, which is what my contract stated we must do if we decide to cancel early. After one year Curves continued to take money out of my bank account. I called our local curver here in Alabama and was told that i had to write a letter of concellation . You can rest forsure that only letter I write will be to my local Better Business Bureau and lawyer after I stop payment with my bank .Eating healthy and dieting I lost no weight the 4 months when i was there.

  • Sa
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    I had the same experiences as all of you. The trainers all showed me something different with the same machines. They all measured different. And they had no real health knowledge. I found the circuit not to be challenging and quite boring.

    After going for 6 months my hours at work changed and I was not able to go anymore because of there horrible hours. I tried to cancel and was told that it would be to expensive and that I would have to pay the membership fee that was waived in the beginning and also have to pay out the rest of my contract which termed in August. I agreed to pay until august. When August came I was told that since I had a month free when I joined I had to pay out all of August and term in September. When Septmeber came I was told that my contract stipulates that I must pay 1 full year before I can cancel which would be September. I am so disgusted with this gym. These contracts are so ridiculous. NEVER,NEVER, NEVER again will I be fooled by curves.

  • Je
      1st of Nov, 2007
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    I wish to express my extreme concern and disappointment as a result of recent dealings with a Curves staff member at the Bundoora Curves.

    I made an appointment to start training at Curves along with my daughter. My daughter plays soccer and was wishing to increase her fitness prior to the season starting and I was also interested in toning up and increasing my fitness.

    We visited the centre on Monday 29th October and were booked with Hazel for our assessment. Hazel completed my assessment and then went on to do my daughters assessment.

    After weighing and measuring my daughter, Hazel commented to her “you’re carrying a bit of weight aren’t you, a bit too much junk food maybe?” My daughter is 16 years old, is 165cms tall and weighs 54kg!!! I could not believe the inappropriateness and insensitivity of this comment, expressed my concern to Hazel and left immediately without joining up as planned.

    I have referred to the CSIRO Nutrition website and my daughter’s weight is quite acceptable for her height (in fact she is 1kg below the lower limit for her height – certainly not carrying a bit of weight!).

    Fortunately my daughter has a healthy body image and was able to disregard this comment, but what if a similar comment is made to another young woman in the future who does not have a health body image? – these are the sorts of comments that encourages low self esteem, promotes poor body image and even lead to eating disorders. I feel that Hazel has been extremely irresponsible in the comments she made and also the attitude she made them with.

    I certainly do not wish to deal with such ridiculous attitudes but felt that your organization should be aware of what your staff members are saying to potential members. As an organization which is presumably promoting good health and positive body image to a female market I would hope that these sorts of comments would not be made – particularly to young women.

    It is a shame that this encounter has been so negative – we will not be returning to Curves in Bundoora and instead will look at other options where the attitudes are more in keeping with our health and fitness goals. I have also advised my friends and colleagues of this particular encounter so unfortunately Hazel’s comments have discouraged future possible members from joining.

    I hope that as result of this feedback, staff members at your facility can be more aware of the potential effects their comments can have on people and that they are in a role where understanding, support and sensitivity are required – not socially irresponsible remarks!

  • No
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    I also joined curves september 2007. I just dont have the time to go there. I realy am not that inpressed with them. I can not wait till my 1 year is up I might try and give them another chance. But I will never do that again.

  • Ki
      21st of Mar, 2008
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    I joined Curves in Feb. 2006 and initially things were ok. The only thing I did not care for was the hours they were open.. perhaps I should say the many hours they were NOT open. (My work schedule was 12-hour days, 7am-7pm) I only got to utilize my membership twice a week since they were not open on Sunday. In June of 2007 I was in a major car accident while working. (we were hit head-on by a car that crossed-over) I didn’t work for 2 months. When I did try to return to work, I was unable to keep up with the kind of physical labor I used to do. (for 2 years I had taken care of man who was quadriplegic) Sadly, he passed away as a result of this accident, so consequently, my job ended. I continued with the Curves membership, thinking I should go back, but after some time it was apparent that I would not be able to keep up. I had gotten married in Sept. 2006 and my husband and I had been talking about finding a gym and starting a family membership. We also thought that it would be beneficial for me to get some one-on-one help for the specific problems I had been experiencing after the wreck. Finally, in December 2007 I called and spoke with the lady that answered about canceling my membership. (it’s a small-town Curves, everyone knows everyone, but for the life of me I cannot remember her name) I told her I was in a car accident & she suggested that I get a doctors note and they could suspend my membership for a time AND perhaps go back to when I had the accident & apply those payments to the future when I get released from the doctor. I said no because I had gotten married and we were thinking about a family membership somewhere. She said it would take at least 2 weeks to stop the automatic payments from my bank account, so I knew it would be January before things stopped. I should of known and I needed to give them a written notice, but I didn’t think of it. (hindsight says: I should of had my cancellation notice notarized and then hand delivered by the US Postal Service via Certified mail for Ms. Blackwell’s signature!!) I admitted to the lady on the phone that since the car wreck, I had not been so on-top of things. She seemed sympathetic. She took my name and # and said she would have Sandy Blackwell call me. No one called. In January the payment came out of my bank account again. When I called Curves in mid-Jan to ask about it, I talked to the same lady. NOW she didn’t know anything about it, but said that they could stop my bank withdrawals, but at some point they would need a written notice for their records because all of that is up to corporate office and they really have NO control over future withdrawals. (now wasn’t she just saying one thing and then saying another??) Then she said that if I ended my membership early, she I would have to pay a penalty or pay the contract for the full 1-year and then she mentioned again that I should bring in a doctors notice so they could suspend services until I was better. I told her I had been a member for almost 2 years & that I was not under any kind of contract with CURVES anymore. She said “Oh! Well then..” (like THAT made all the difference!) she said she would remind Sandy about this again and have her call me, but she never did, and again, silly me, I thought things were handled. February came around and no monthly withdrawal! (they ALWAYS came out around the 8th) However, I did have my husband drop off a written notice (he walked in & handed it to the lady behind the desk) end of February and guess what? They took out a payment THE VERY SAME DAY and I didn’t notice it until they took out another March 14th!!! (I am not working right now, only my husband, so I rarely use this bank account) Both withdrawals caused my bank account to be overdrawn, however I did not notice the first one as I had put money in the next day. CURVES did not even use the regular “check “ method they had been using the past 2 years!! (I could click on that payment & actually see the “debit-check”) The March 14th charge was just some long number—from Curves. So I called & finally spoke to Sandy Blackwell. (Manager? Owner? Her business card does not say) She said that they have NO control over when these charges come out!!! Well obviously SOMEONE does as SOMEONE changed the payment-debit-check-withdrawal (whatever!) date from what used to be the beginning of the month to the end of the month! (from Feb 8th to Feb 29th and AGAIN on March 8th to March 14th!!) Then Ms. Blackwell said, “You know, we got your letter of cancellation here and we were just looking at it.. you know none of us even know when it got here!! YOU did not date it!! So “we” can’t really know when to charge you!” (she sounded like she was trying to be funny & sarcastic at the same time!!) So I said, “So you just continued to take the money out? Even though your withdrawals have over-drafted me twice? My husband handed that to you end of Feb. and you took out the money the very same day!” She said, “Well, it takes at least 2 weeks to stop the automatic-withdrawals.” (we ALL know this is a crock, especially as my hometown bank is about 1/8th of a mile from our local CURVES) TRUTH BE KNOWN: I BELIEVE THAT THEY HAVE KNOWN SINCE MY VERY FIRST CALL IN DECEMBER THAT I WANTED THESE PAYMENTS STOPPED, BUT, THEY JUST DON’T GIVE A HOOT!! For all they know, I could have been crippled after my car accident. I told Ms. Blackwell that I had been in a car wreck (she knew- made some kind of moaning sound!) and I was not working and did not have the money for the withdrawals, much less the overdraft fees and she said, very condescendingly, “Yeah I know” Then she tried to sound like she was doing me some great favor and said, “I will give you back your last payment on March 14th.” I asked if she would refund my overdraft charges! NO answer!! It’s been 3 days since I spoke to her & they have not put one thing back in my account!! Ms. Blackwell must be a terribly disorganized businesswoman as that letter of cancellation had been there over 2 weeks and when I called she acted like she had just NOW, AT THAT VERY MOMENT saw it!! I also feel like she flat-out lied about how “she has no control over when payments come out..” She obviously does because a payment was withheld on Feb. 8th, and then I guess SOMEONE made a decision to take a payment on Feb. 29th! She KNEW FULLY WELL that I wanted them stopped!! Even after my husband hand-delivered the cancellation letter, the withdrawal came out again March 14th!!?!? She absolutely positively knew then, but did not care and probably would not of changed a thing if I had not called her on it! I will admit, I should have been more on top of things in the beginning, because now I have truly learned the hard way that CURVES is just like too many other cut-throat businesses whose 1st and foremost concern is for the almighty dollar and not at all about the women they claim to care about so much!!!

  • Ma
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    This is regarding the manager of Curves in Omak, Washington. I quit Curves- and Kris (the manager), called me in the late evening and asked me to tell her why I quit. Great. She should know... I was polite. She eventually interrupted w/how great Curves is/stat's- etc. I added that charging people to drink filtered water was another reason on top of the short work out routine, not wanting 30 seconds on each thing, and don't like facing a little circle of women. Anyway- she began yelling at me!!! Not talking. I called her back and stooped to the same dumb level, saying- "Never call me at my home, never yell at me, I am going to tell everyone in this puny town about you, and by the way- you are all FAT!". I hadn't spoken to anyone like that since I was a kid. Anyway- I hate Curves, it is a pathetic workout, the commercialism stinks, and the atmosphere reminds me of gerbils in a cage. The 3 day thing sucks- as I signed up on Saturday and my partner- who is disabled- needed pain med's for a torn rotator cuff on Monday.

  • Ca
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    I joined Curves March of 2006, I was very excited because this was the first time I belonged to a gym. I was able to join without having to pay a sign up fee because they were having a food drive promotion. So basically, I brought in a big bag of can foods and they waived the fee. I signed a One Year Contract and honored it. I went 5 days a week in the mornings and loved it. Unfortunately, due to work schedule and my childrens activities, I chose not to renew my contract.

    Two weeks before my year was up I explained to the employees I would not renew. They were disappointed and tried to talk me into staying. I laughed and said thank you but I have made up my mind.

    Finally, the two weeks were up. I said my goodbyes and thanked everyone. I wish I could say this was the end of it. It has been two years since I worked out with Curves and completed my One Year Contract. The other day I received a phone call from a very nice lady from Curves informing me they were still deducting from my checking account- even though my file had been sent to archives.

    I never noticed the $37.00 fee coming out.

    I spoke with the owner of Curves which was extremly rude. She explained to me that Curves did not except verbal cancellations only hand written. I told her that her employees had not told me this when I left. She rudely informed me that they did not have to tell me that - because it clearly stated it on the contract.

    I asked to see a copy of the contract and she was correct. It did say that.

    I feel very manipulated and seriously taken advantage of- this was once a happy and memorable experience- but now it has turned into a very expensive lesson.

    $37.00 over a two year period is $888.00 I am not a wealthy person so this money is a huge loss for me and my family.

    I have become a much better book keeper from this and hope that I have helped someone by telling my story.

  • Ja
      28th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was a member also and i have just quit and called my bank to make a stop payment for any future payment for curves. Cuves is a joke and a total waist of time. i went there for a month and got bored with it right away. i also felt like i was in a daycare because on certain days they wanted us to play games like tossing balls into a basket or hula hops... like seriously if i wanted to play games i'd go play with my nephews.

    disappointed and disgusted with curves and the false hope it gives women.

  • Mo
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    My membership expires soon and I need to know if I can cancel online?

  • Sh
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    When I joined Curves I was so excited that there was finally a gym for women and I knew I would not have to walk in the building to find body builders working out beside me, I was very comfortable. When I signed the contract, which was my first mistake, there was so much confusion, since I started out with one employee dealing with me and then passing me off to another employee when someone else walked in. Because of that the contract was not fully explained to me and I was not aware of the 30 day cancellation policy. Unfortunately I ended up going through a personal crisis in my life, lost my job, ended up moving away. I called the Curves that I attended and spoke with the manager. I asked to cancel my membership, she indicated that I had to finish my year. I understood. I called her back a few months later and told her to cancel my membership. I assumed this was done until I started checking my bank account. Curves had taken from me $500 over and above the 12 months. I called the manager again on June 19, 2008, and she is no longer working there. I spoke with the new manager and very rudely she told me to bad. I ended up hanging up on her. I immediately hand wrote a cancellation letter stating effective immediately and faxed it through to her. I figured this would be the end. However, on July 16th I checked my bank account and they have taken out another month's payment. I am looking for the phone number for the head office in Canada. This is an outrageous way to do business and to think that I used to promote Curves. Now I discourage people from going knowing that Curves will only rip a person off. Apparently money is the only factor that Curves is concerned with, when they are supposed to be promoting health and wellness not stress and dissatisfaction.

  • Ta
      29th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I joined Curves Civic Center in Fremont, CA. I signed the one year contract. According to the contract a written letter after the contract expires releases one from the month to month charges. I wrote the letter after my contract expired and lol, they continued to charge me for 4 more months. When I called the manager to complain about the UNAUTHORIZED charges, I was told that even though I had sent a letter cancelling, my membership was still in force. I then sent a complaint to the BBB. What a waste of time that was. I then called my credit card company and cancelled my card. Curves is not a service oriented business. I wanted a credit for the UNAUTHORIZED charges. It looks like I'll have to go through my credit card company. The BBB doesn't have any clout.

  • Ra
      13th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I have also had a negative experience with Curves. After going regularly for several months I found myself needing more; I joined to get me going and I got going faster than I exepected. My sister had joined Gold's Gym so I went along with her for a free bring a friend type thing. I found out I could get a student membership there for the same amount I was paying at Curves, and at Gold's Gym I got things like cardio dance and yoga, along with weight machines and treadmills. I signed up with Gold's, went for a couple weeks and called Curves to find out if I had any options for cancelling (thinking it would be like other service contracts and I would be able to cancel for a fee). Upon stating who I was I was asked where I was, and why I wasn't at Curves working out. One point here that was brought up in another comment. The manager is a rather large woman and most of the times I saw her walking into Curves she had a fastfood bag in her hands. Despite what the restaurants may want us to think they do not offer healthy meals. After I told her I was at home and about to leave for work she told me I couldn't cancel. When I got home for worked I checked online to see if anyone knew anything about a cancellation fee. I have found many hits on forums of an up to $50 fee for cancelling the year contract. The matter is currently (hopefully) being worked out through the corporate office. If I cannot cancel I will not be going back because of the attitude I have been shown in this matter. I do not suggest anyone join Curves.

  • B
      28th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    If someone signs a contract, it should be honored. On the contract it states that you would need to pay a fee for getting out of it early. There are pre pay options where you don't have to have it automatically draft.

    Curves is an AWESOME workout. I don't care about other gyms having "classes." I am a busy woman who needs to do what she needs to do in as compact of a time frame as possible. Curves has been an extreme help to me and I am in such a healthy place, I would never leave. I combine outside activities like kayaking to keep active on down time, but my workout is Curves, true blue.

    Also, if someone is drafting your account, it is not a CURVES International issue. They are independantly owned and are run so. I check my bank account weekly sometimes daily due to human error and have caught mistakes from major companies, credit cards and restaurants...why demonize that small business owner for something that is widespread?

    Every workout is nto for everyone. Some people love to work out and do not mind spending more time at the gym, but for someone who has belonged to both a large gym and Curves, I know where I belong.

    (also, every employee HAS to have their first aid/CPR and now defibrelator.)

  • Br
      31st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Different strokes for different folks but Curves just isn't for me. The first time i visited curves it seemed to be a warm and friendly environment and up until that point I had heard nothing but good things about the place. As I began to work out there more, the less I enjoyed it.

    The employess weren't friendly at all. I simply asked the lady for a vistor's pass and she began yelling at me "YOU'RE NOT A MEMBER..BLAH BLAH BLAH!" And calmy I said "Mam, I've been a member since day one" So she reluctantly gave me the pass.

    My friend was participating in a study she simply asked the employee to initial her card and the lady threw it at her. I was outraged. As someone said before I was shown several different ways how to use the equipment, which was very frustrating because then I started to feel like I wasn't getting the most that I could out of the workout.

    After talking with the owner and making a complaint she believed I was only angry about how to use the equipment and didn't understand that her employee was rude and disrespectful. They constantly point and talk amongst themselves or other people who've been coming there for a long time.

    Due to their disorginization, rudeness, and lack of helpfulness I quit Curves. I am going to honor the contract for the 11 months that I signed up for but I refuse to ever go to another curves in my life. I only owe $340 I will write them a letter to tell them to immediately stop drafting my account. I was better off doing this weight loss thing on my own.

  • Su
      31st of Aug, 2008
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    You should be so lucky as to sublease from a Curves owner! She has broken the statements of our sublease by attempting to offer the same services I offer in my business which you HAVE to be STATE licensed for! We agreed in writing and NOTORIZED it that we would not interfer or inhibit or represent the others business. WE agreed that we would maintain and abide by all local state federal and regulations for our respective businesses. By offering the services I offer, which I am licensed to offer and she is not, she has broken a state law and is being investigated! Why? Because her attempting to offer these services without a license and if I know about it and do not report her means the state can take my license and close me down!!! She doesnt care! It all about greed!

    She also breaks her franchise agreement with the Curves corporation by offering insurance services at her location, soliciting the members and tried to solicite me! She has a tanning business and is operating a boutique! All of this within the confines of her space. All of which are against her franchise agreement! I understand she is under investigation by curves for this. I have no hope that they will make any attempt to make her abide by common decent behavioral standards! They dont care! Its all about Money!

    We are both in the same building sharing a main enterance and restroom. She even expects me to supply ALL the toilet paper when I am AWAY from my business which I have to be for periodical training. When I am not there my clients are not there. So why should I have to supply HER members with toilet paper? She constantly harrasses me with notes and demands that have nothing to do with the sublease. I have even had to retain an attorney!

    Pitiful part is, she claims to be a GOOD CHRISTIAN. She claimed to be my FRIEND and yet she is all about the MONEY. Her level of greed and hypocrisy is beyond belief. I wonder what her minister would think of her if he knew how greedy she is. Her attitude and treatment of people extends well beyond me. She treats her members like cash cows. I feel sorry for them. If they only knew how she feels about and talks about them. And attempting to hold a poor little old 80+ yr old to a contract after her doctor told her she was not well enough to do that sort of exercise too?!? Oh yeah, its all about the MONEY! GREED! MONEY! It makes their circuits go round!

    And THIS is how you are supposed to provide a service for others? It sure isnt the way I was brought up! She and honor and common decency are as far apart as east from west!

  • Sh
      12th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Well I'm a little heartened by the fact that I join the many women who are enraged by the treatment of CURVES. I felt like I was the "BIGGEST LOSER" !!! I joined in 2005 because, although I have a very physical job, I needed to strengthen different parts of my body. I only visited 4 times and realized that the workout was very bad for my back. I learned that I have degenrate disc desease in my lower back and could not possibly continue. I told them this and gave them a note and figured at the end of the year that would be that!!! I did not read the fine print on the contract and because I put the whole idea of CURVES behind me I didn't see the money coming out (they made sure to take it out on different days of the month so it would be less recognizable, extremely slimy.) I did NOT receive ONE phone call telling me that they were continuing to reap $40.00 out of my account every month for TWO YEARS!!! NOT one phone call. Human decency does not prevail with these theives. Although it feels better to share my story, I still feel bad for the others that are going to fall into the same trap! Most of us being middle aged and older, CURVES should be very ashamed. Is this going to go anywhere?? Is there something that can be done about this? Please tell me something is going to be done!! Help other to avoid this CURVE BALL they are so obviously throwing at us???

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