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Culver's Restaurant / bad service

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I actually had filed a complaint on the Culver's website on March 1st, but have yet to receive any response. My husband and I usually go to our local Culver's in Owatonna, MN for lunch every Wednesday for their Chicken Salad Sandwich special. Three of the past five visits we encountered very unpleasant large size chicken bones in the chicken salad. Although after the first incident we went back, thinking it was just an oversight (we believe they make the chicken salad from scratch). However, after the third incident, neither one of us think we can stomach ordering another one.

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  • Yo
      12th of Mar, 2016
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    Yes I worked at a Culver's, their chicken salad is made from scratch, with chicken pulled off the bone, with a little care there is like a 99% chance there won't be bones please call and let the mgmt know, they do care.

  • Yo
      12th of Mar, 2016
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    I just noticed which restaurant this is, I worked with a manager named maly in the Northfield opening, great guy ask for him

  • Pe
      23rd of May, 2016
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    I'd like to agree with the posting that Culver's has fresh "from scratch" foods and that corporate really cares, but for the most part, that hasn't really been what I've experienced. Maybe the problems are with some of the franchisees, but over the past decade (give or take a few years) it seems like there has been a decline in the quality of several of the menu items. The first change we noted was in the quality of the butter burger - from a fresh hand-formed ground beef patty seared with crispy edges to a mediocre all too perfectly round frozen meat patty that lacked the crusty edges. The change so disappointed some of my family members that our visits to Culver's became fewer and fewer. I continued to patronize Culver's because I have enjoyed their fried fish sandwiches and dinners, soup and the fried cheese curds. The fried fish is now only acceptable (good flaky fish, but a bland tasteless batter/coating), and the cheese curds taste like cheap cut-up fried mozzarella sticks-- not the formerly delicious Wisconsin cheddar curds. The cheesy chicken tortilla soup was so spicy-hot that it was barely edible (and please bear in mind that I grew up in Cajun country and am no stranger to heavily spiced foods and do enjoy very hot dishes generously laced with Tabasco, jalapeno and other peppers). I wanted to report the issue with the foods to the manager, but he made rounds before I had enough time to taste everything on the plate. I was sufficiently satisfied with the fish (not thrilled, yet hungry enough to put up with lack-luster taste) so when he asked it the meal was 'okay' I agreed - but that's the point, the fish was merely OKAY -- not great-- and I didn't realize how bad the soup and curds would be. The next step is for me to call corporate to make a report. But given the dismissive response I received years ago when I called to report on the change in the Butter Burger, I don't expect much, but perhaps this time around I will be pleasantly surprised.

  • De
      6th of May, 2018
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    I want to complain about the Portage Culvers. My whole experience at Culvers was so bad I will never go back their. I've talked to my neighbors and some of them have had poor service.
    First of all I sat at the drive-up for so long with no response, I finally pulled around to the window, someone came to the window and said if I wanted to order somthing I had to give my order at the speaker. I told them I had been sitting there for along time. She told me, I can't help it, if you still want to order drive back around. I did drive back around and they took my order. They put my whole order in a big plastic bag, when I got home the French fries were all dumped out in the bag, my hamburgers were all smushed flat like somebody stepped on them. Your prices are a lot higher than other fast food restaurants, yet the condition you serve your food in is awful. I feel like I was just a big pain for them to take my order, so they won't have to deal with me again. You need to consider pulling your franchise their or get better managers. Word around town about the Portage Culvers isn't good. Once you loose business it's hard to get them back
    Thanks for listening,
    Just one of your upset customers

  • Do
      2nd of Sep, 2018
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    Culver's - Cheeseburger
    Miramar Beach, Florida
    United States

    Half way through eating burger I noticed it's not all the way cooked... I love Culver's food and their famous for the butter burger but a little let down to have a not all the way cooked burger. I am complying on the fact that it's not cooked all the way and would like a refund or something out of this situation.

  • Kr
      19th of Sep, 2018
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    Culver's - small bone caused extreme pain and injury to teeth and gums while eating original chicken tenders from culver's metro center location
    United States

    Sudden pain As I was chewing my food; CULPRIT a Small blunt bone in one of my chicken tenders caused terrible pain and injury to my teeth and gums.

  • Ma
      21st of Oct, 2018
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    Culver's - employee
    United States

    An employee ripped up my scoopie token and threw mustard packets at me ...

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