Cricket Wirelessthey admitted. they overcharged me & won't refund 1 cent

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I have a lot of terrible things I could say about Cricket customer service but I accept that. However, I don't accept blatant theft. After about 40 minutes of speaking with two customer service representatives they admitted they overcharged me. They overcharged at least $75. They stated it was completely their fault. The entire receipt was billed incorrectly. Then they told me there's nothing they can do about it. To come back a few days later (which is past the return date). I then spoke with a representative who told me to deal with the store. Cricket has blatantly stole from me then politely told me to ho [censored] myself Is there any recourse?

Jan 06, 2015
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      Feb 22, 2016

    I don't really need dates, I had call over and over and still the same result, I will get back with you, but never does. That one is about my 50.00 rebate. the second one is about me buying a phone and paying all the money for it right then, to find our 30.00 taking off my card, two days later. the three one is when i went there to purchase a phone and paid all the money for the phone, left the store and went down the street and did some shopping and thought about it, so I back to the store and told the lady at the desk, I told her I change my mind about the phone. She told me that she cannot give my money back, so I might as well keep the phone, so I have gotten upset and left the phone on the counter and walk out.I have been with Cricket for over ten years and found this unfair to be treated in this matter. I am asking this company to be fair and resolve this matter.
    Charles k. Donaldson

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