Cricket Wireless / "scam ripoff, lies"

I recently switched my account from Metro PCS to Cricket wireless and joined my fiancé's account. The experience with the management and corporate office at cricket wireless has left me regretting this cell phone carrier switch. My fiancé's bill was due by the 29th who is the account holder with cricket. On October 28th we went to cricket wireless store in Daytona Beach to pay his bill and add a new line, my number from Metro. We paid the $60 due on my fiancé's acct in cash which we have a receipt for. Then we added my line from metro for $60. The very helpful and sweet cashier told us that my fiancé had a credit of $57.00 that was able to be utilized for my first month of cell phone service which was $60.00. With me being a new customer switching carriers the activation fee was waived. The phone I purchased was $29.99 for a new LG Power phone. We walked out paying for my new acct with phone $31.94 which I have a separate receipt for. I was thrilled at the time. However Sunday October 30th both my phone and my fiancé’s were shut off and the account was placed on hold. My fiancé call the cricket customer service number and asked why his phone was shut off when we paid in advance on the 28th. The customer service rep could not answer his question at all saying that $60.00 was due that she could not assist us regardless of having receipts; customer service would not take the receipts numbers over the phone. We were told to go into the Cricket wireless store where the phones were purchased that the Daytona Beach office would be able to assist us there and resolve our issue. The Daytona Beach cricket store was not open until 1:00pm being a Sunday. My fiancé and I arrived at cricket at 1:00pm on October 30th and was in the store on the phone with different managers and store employees until 4:30pm that Sunday afternoon. When my fiancé’ and I arrived at the store we was told several different stories by different customers service reps, district managers, store managers and corporate as to why our phones were disconnected even though we have receipts showing payment for services. My fiancé and I were told that I never paid for service $60.00 for my new phone. The interesting part was I had service on Saturday October 29th and utilized my GPS so how could I not pay for 1st month of service when I had to pay for service upon leaving store for phone activation? No one has yet answered that question. I asked why did I pay $60.00 for 2 days of service, Friday October 28-Sunday October 30th. It is is outrageous and unethical; that question has still not been answered. My fiancé and I were told by the district manager that because my fiancé paid on his account for his service bill early on October 28th instead of October 29th the $60.00 was never applied to his bill and showed up only as a credit on his account in the amount of $57.00. Then the district manager proceeded to tell me that my fiancé never had a credit of $57.00 to begin with which the cashier pointed out upon selling me my new cricket phone. There is very poor communication between district managers/store managers and sales employees. I am wondering how you get penalize for paying a bill earlier and say payment was not made. Cricket is the first company I know of. After all of this back and forth for hours we still had to pay $60.80 in order to turn on me and my fiancés phones. I am asking cricket for a service refund in the amount of $60.80 which we should not have had to pay for my new line because I had 2 days of service and it shows on the receipts. Please see all attached receipts for documentation. I am also requesting that something is done in good faith for our account due to the fact both mine and my fiancés account was shut off after payment and lost a half of day of service. Pull it together cricket you are only hurting your customers and losing business. I switched wireless companies to have a better experience not worse. I would have never thought metro actually has better customer service than cricket as well.
With regrets your dissatisfied customers feeling ripped off

Nov 02, 2016

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