Cricket Wireless / poor customer service and they lied about the payment plan they allow you'

Fort Worth, TX, United States

Anytime you walk in to a cricket Store and ask about the bridgecrest payment plan I was informed by cricket empolyee I would have two weeks to pay with $50 deposit today' this what happen they lied they took my $50 gave me 7days to pay $82 by 12mid night or I would be charged more money $138 dollars I explained to the rep'

I just had surgery not Long ago' surgery and had no money to pay them I was told that ' come now you can come up with a better story than that and no we will help you and so I ask the rep to please allow me to speak to a mánager I was told that she will not help you cause she don't care and you would be wasting your time' and I asked again for the second time he' then said I see you are not takeing no for an answer' he had me on hold for 30mins and just like he said the mánager (she)...said there is nonthing I can do' I that moment I felt so bad and all I did was think to myself 911' all over again they take from you they talk with no life in their bones then they tell you to go die because you can't pay a bill' stop them from treating us like meal that went bad away to the trash we go'

Apr 26, 2017

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