Cricket Wireless Internet Modem / poor customer service

Contact information:
Phone: 702-644-7143

I purchased a wireless modem so I would have internet service on my vacation to Conneticut. I went to the web site and through a chat I was informed that the device would work in Ct. That was 6/26/09. I received it in the mail and loaded the program onto my lap type to make sure it was not defective. On 7/10/09 when I tried to get service I could not. I called the 800# from the web site, but the electronic answering system kept asking me for a phone # which I was never issued. I finally decided to speak to a sales person as a new customer. That person could not give me customer service and refused to assist. Finally after several other calls I convinced someone to transfer me to technical support. I was then told we do not provide service in NYC or CT. When I asked for a refund, I was told to return the device to a store. Well there were no stores anywhere near where I was staying. I was also not returning home for 4 weeks. The Tech person said I am writing this up in the system so just return it when I got home. I went the corporate store and was told they gave me the wrong information, howevever they would try to give me a refund. Well the computer would not allow the refund and they told me there was nothing moro they could do. The store manager told me to stop payment on my credit card which I did. I then found my packing slip and called them. I was told you exceeded the 30 day return policy. After an argument they said they would send it to expeditor and they would be in touch. Now 2 weeks have gone by and I called them again and asked to speak to a Supervisor. They refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor, but another request would be put in for an expeditor. This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. If you ever have a problem be prepared for incompetency and a refusal from emplooyees to assist.


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