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I have a ZTE Grand X that stopped working due to no fault of mine. It started with the apps on the phone malfunctioning, I tried to restart it it was stuck on the white ZTE start screen for hours. When it finally came back on it came to an Android logo screen with the options to reboot, factory rest, etc. I called tech support to have them walk me through fixing the phone and after many tries they concluded it was a manufacturing error and that I should file a warranty to get a replacement. Granted, I've only had this replacement since April of this year and the previous two replacements stopped working the same way. I haven't dropped them, there were no cracks or water damage, they all just stopped working. But the problem is they are trying to send me the same make and model which I get that is their policy to replace a broken phone with the same model but I do not want this same make and model because it's obvious they don't work! This is my third THIRD! replacement of this model and they all stop working in the same way after a couple months. I don't believe it's fair to keep sending me the same phone that's just going to stop working in a few months causing me to lose all my contacts and to have to keep starting over. After sending three replacements and having them stop working due to fracture error wouldn't it be obvious that there is something wrong with these phones? So why keep sending me defective phones? I asked to get a different model this time but they insist on sending the same one. I am willing to pay the difference to get a different model but apparently neither insurance or warranty works like that. I was told the only way to get a different model phone is to buy one. So now I'm going to have to buy a whole new phone because my current phone stop working due to MANUFACTURING ERROR. I could understand if I broke the phone myself and wanted a different model I'll have to buy it but I was given a phone that was broken in the first place and don't think it's fair to have to buy a new one for that.. I've been a loyal customer with cricket for years because I like your rates and plans and coverage is better than most other networks and I really don't want to have to switch net works but your insurance and warranty coverage/policies really sucks. :(

Sep 19, 2017

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