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1. Terrible customer service - uniformed customer servic reps who just argue, cannot complete transactions properly and do not know how to communicate in English.
2. Bridge payment made Friday 3/31 - Service cutoff at midnight with no explanation. Called into the customer service number and received no explanation as to why service was cutoff. On Friday 4/1 Attempted to make payment via app and went through all screens - service suspended again at midnight on 4/1/2017 - debit card used had funds and was same cards used for previous payments. Called into customer service and was advised a FULL payment due. Asked for a supervisor (Oscar identified himself as a manager - however; he is not a manager - he was in the escalation queue) and he continued to put me on mute, arguing back on everything, had no answers and offered no solutions. He also didn't even know how Crickets own automated payment system worked. The reps do not understand their own systems or company layout and refuse to answer any questions about company hierarchy.

Apr 02, 2017

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