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Cricket Wireless / expect, unexpected fees

1 Belton, MO, United States Review updated:

I purchased 2 phones for my sons for Christmas, it was around $138 for the phones and activation. They activated the phones the day they shipped them which could be impossible because I had to call and activate them the day before Christmas. I signed up for the $25 a month plan for each phone (unlimited text and talk). When I was chatting with the customer service rep on line I specifically asked the question "since the phones are capable of other functions will the other functions be disabled since my plan doesn't include them?" The rep said "Yes, they would be disabled so no unexpected bills for you". Which I saved this conversation on my computer. My sons had the phones for 2 weeks and service was disconnected due to non-payment. I called to have the service reinstated and had to pay the activation fee again because I wasn't sent a bill, they said I owed $90 something dollars because I had signed up for web access, I said "NO, I DID NOT" my plan didn't include it. I explained I had kept the conversation on my computer after repeatedly explaining this to the lady I had to pay $78 for the phone service and reactivation and was assured the the web access would be removed and I would be sent paper bills at $1.75 per month. So the next month comes my sons phones are deactivated AGAIN. I called customer service again to pay the bill expecting to pay $55-60, they say I owe $91.99. I say how can this be on a $25 per month per phone plan, they say I signed up for web service. I explained AGAIN that my plan didn't call for it and it was supposed to be removed when I paid the bill the last time. They said NO it was not in their system and I would have to pay that fee and the reactivation fee, WHICH THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO SEND ME A BILL AND DID NOT. After a half hour on the phone repeatedly explaining my situation to the rep she finally said she would remove all the fees except the monthly fee I signed up for, she assured me the other fees would be credited after I paid the bill. I said I needed some kind of documentation because that's what the rep said last month, I was ultimately HUNG UP ON. So I called back and had to go through the hole situation AGAIN. I asked to speak to a manager that likes to keep their customers and she got on the phone and said Hello numerous times like she couldn't hear me (I was on a land line when I called) and she ultimately HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN! I have spent over $200 for my sons to have service for all of a month and a half. This company needs to be SHUT DOWN!! If you're thinking of getting a cell phone and/or service from this company I would highly recommend another company even if you have to pay a little more for you service because over all you'll be paying alot more to Cricket. What a FRAUD!

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      25th of May, 2010
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    I have had a hard time recovering money lost to cricket.They claim their wireless is respekt maybe they use "K" and not "c" because they do not want to be held to it. Money was missing out of my account I called to recover it and hung up fustarted, angry and in tears. They told me the chargers were vaild, my criccket phone dropped the call 8 times during my over 2 hour mision to recover my money, they refused to refund money taken out of my account and when I ask to talk to a suppervisor I was asked "What do you want to talk to them about" that was followed up with she is going to say the same thing I told you we are not giving you any refunds to your account the charges are vaild . I was also given wrong discritions about the plans once I was told you are charged for all in comming long distance charges, then weeks after that i was told you are not charged charged for incomming calls long distance calls and today i was told you are charged for every incomming long distance charge. On top of that the customer service reps are rude, will hang up on you or put you on hold for very long periods of times and do not understand english very well and talk as if they are reading a script . They will not take complaints over the phine when youcal"611" from your handset and refuse to give out a corp. address so complaints and concerns can be addressed and tell you to go to the web site in which does not plain and clear contact directs, phone numbers or address and has a billing and refund button but you must enter in a wireless account number which is confussing if you are prepaid. I work hard and I knoe you reading this work hard too I and no one complaining to cricket wish to be take anything from cricket but only to be given what is owed to us . I don't have to wait on hold for hours! To try to lie, cheat or still from a company I choose as a single working mother, going to school, with a disabled childtrying to save money by switch to this discount company so i can save money in this econmony so I can provide for my family. I pray I and everyone els get their money back . As for cricket if this continues we will not use your company and you will be reported to the F.C.C. and if you have no customer you and your rude customer service agents will not make any money and be forced to close your doors . So is scamming a few hard working Americans worth it!

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      25th of May, 2010
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    It was very hard to find Cricket's corporate info .Cricket website nor workers will give it out.

    Cricket's parent company is
    Leap Wireless International, Inc.
    Tel 1-858-882-600
    5887 Copley Drive
    San Diego CA 92111

    according to http:/

    Cricket's address
    10307 Pacific Center Court
    San Diego CA 92121

    per company Profile on LinkedIn
    to find this I did a basic search for " Contact Cricket" no luck. Next I did a "Bing" search "Cricket corporate headquarters" which lead me to "Winkipedia" a history on cricket wirelist which listed San Diego CA as the place of headquarters but no address. So I "Bing" Cricket Wireless San Diego, CA deadend .So I "Bing" Cricketwireless San Diego CA which lead me to LinkedIn which gave me contact ifo for Cricket and lead me to Leap Wireless.

    "Company Profile on LinkedIn" (2010) web. 25 Apr.2010

    Winkipedia web.25 Apr.2010

    "Contact us"

    That was too much to get contact info! Please everyone who has a problem call them!

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