Cricket / stole my money!

Las Vegas, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 7027646027

Okay so I have a Cricket pay-go phone. A phone that requires no contract. I pay $35.00 on the 17th of every month for my basic phone. I've had Cricket for a couple of months now and have never had any problems before. So a couple days ago (7.17.11) I paid for another months service using my phone. This time was unusual because the automated system did not give me a confirmation number, instead it connected me to a rep who had no idea what was going on, so I just hung up. So then I try to make a phone call and I get an automated system saying I have "insufficient funds". So I go to check my partners online bank statement (because she pays for my phone) and it said that Cricket had already took the money out, but yet I could not call or text on my phone because I had "insufficient funds". So I called several times that day trying to fix my problem, and each time I would get a representative that would tell me to call back an hour later because they were going through "assistance maintenance". So I called back each hour since 4:30 PM only to be told each time to call back an hour later. I kept calling and calling until it was finally 11:00 PM and their costumer support lines were closed. So I call back around 6:30 AM and they basically told me the same thing and to call back an hour later. I went to sleep and called back around 2:00 PM, this time the representative told me that their system showed "no payments" and there was nothing she could do because I didn't pay it. I told her that I had the bank statements but she said I had to have a confirmation number, (which I didn't have because the automated system did not tell me it), so I hung up on her and decided just to go in person to a Cricket store. So I call the Cricket store on Boulder Hwy in Las Vegas, NV, I asked the guy working there if I could come in and show him the bank statements and if he could fix this problem for me. He was very rude and he told me just to go to the Cricket store on Flamingo and hung up on me. So I went there and then the guy told me I had to go to Cricket Corporate. I drove all the way there to show them the bank statements I had printed out from online. The lady I had showed it to had went to the back room to talk to the manager and he told her that I needed to get a bank statement from the actual bank, not from online. I didn't see why because it says the same numbers and everything on it that it would if I had gotten it from the bank. I told the lady that my bank was far (because there's only 3 in all of Las Vegas) and that they charge money for bank statements. She said there was nothing she could do until I showed them those bank statements, and even if I had them I would still have to wait a couple of days for them to "process it" and do all of these other things. Then I said I could have the bank call them right now and tell them that everything was approved and that the money was taken out. She said no I had to get the other bank statement (which is the same thing I already showed her). So I asked her if I could have the bank fax them over, she said okay. My partners bank said they did not "do" faxing. So now I have to wait until tomorrow to go all the way to the bank and pay for the statements, then all the way to Cricket Corporate just to show them the same thing I did when I had went there. They don't even know if they can "fix" it. Gas isn't cheap and I'm still without a phone I already paid for. They're not even offering me any discounts or at least my money back if I can prove I paid for it. This is the WORST customer service I have ever had. How is a bank statement not enough proof? Whether I got it from online or not it still has all the account numbers and enough proof to show that I had paid for it!


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