Crazydeals.comkept my payment for a week and then cancelled the deal

stay away from this Company - unbelievable Business practise!

bought a mobile for AED 1200.- and paid right away with PayPal. No notice from crazydeals, no order confirmation, no payment confirmation - NOTHING!
after several days I wanted to know when I will receive the item I ordered and paid - as a birthday gift! - ant they told me the PayPal payment Needs to be verified with an ID. I sent them my passport-copy and then again for several days - NOTHING!!! After calling again and asking for the Status of my delivery the did not know and asked me to wait for their Information, they called back and told me the NONSENSE STORY that PayPal did not accept my ID!!! I am usind this PayPal account since 2006 and was never asked for an ID, also never got any rejection - so this is CLEARLY A LIE !!!

Mar 13, 2016

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