[Resolved] Craigslist User / profane language in e-mail from craigslist user

76 RailRoad St., Elkhorn City, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 606-754-4745

On Jan 13th I posted on craigslist truck for sale, I received an E-Mail today 13th from craigslist user stateing that I was F------ing ###ed for thinking my truck was worth $7500, replied I would pray for them because they needed help. would like to forward this E-Mail to someone from craigslist to look into this, no reason for someone to talk like this to anyone for posting something for sale. Thanks

  • Resolution statement

    This craigslist user E-Mailed me on the 13th Jan. telling me I was [censor] for asking $7500 for a truck I had posted, to me this user should be banned from craigslist following is craigslist address set by [email protected] Can craigslist trace this assigned address to user and ban them for any further use for this type of language???

Jan 13, 2015

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