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Craigslist Optimizer / fraud and cheating

1 United States
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Everyone out there, watch out for the convincing sales add on CRAIGSLISTOPTIMIZER.COM who will rip you off for $97 and more expenses incurred as you run a zero to none profit affiliated website using there templates. Basically, this website promises you to make your money back in one day of setting it up. Well, setting it up completely takes more than one day because you have to wait for approval from ebay affiliate partner. Amazon partner was no problem, and so was google adsense. It took me 3 days to finish and upload my affiliate website and of course I did not get the approval from ebay to partner with for no apparent reason like the website claimed could happen. However, they promised that all I need is the approval from amazon to be successful and that I can just turn off the ebay store side of my website when referring people through my product listings.

Well, the main function of the program is to start emailing advertisers on craigslist to see if they are interested in buying products listed on amazon or ebay, which less than likely not because most of those people advertised wanted things either dirt cheap or for free or trade which makes this affiliate business less than demanding. And when I ask for their 100% guarantee refund promise, I get a flat out cuss word of out them insulting me on my lack of success and disclaimed what they had claimed on their website and don't even refund my money at all or even emailing me back to make their case. They did tell me give it 90 days to get result on my first email requesting my refund. Logically, why that long? Well, 120 days later, I had one sale on amazon that is around $5.00 purchase that I earned 20 cents commission on after long days emailing people and paying all those domain registration and hosting fees. What a rip-off this company is.

Oh yeah, when you don't get approved from ebay partner affiliates program, you can't turn off the ebay store part of the website like they claimed also because I test it out myself by emailing it back to myself and guess what, the ebay store is still there and if and when your advertiser even would go through ebay bidding process, you would have to wait for some time (days or weeks) in hope that the person would win the bid and you make money off that 1 to 2% commission off a sale. That is also hoping that the advertiser stays on your web-link to continue the bid (chances are zero because they now can just go straight to ebay and logging into their ebay account, so there goes your commission link hopes lost).

So don't even fall into their lame business advertising, keep your money and time well spent on something else. And any website promoting this website is also a scam. Trust me, I've tried them too.


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