Craigslist / incredibly under priced small tractors

This information is for one incident but I keep finding this type of listing repeatedly on Craigslist. No information only extremely low prices and only a gmail address.
I went on Craig's for Sacramento. I saw an ad for a tractor that looked like a great deal. Only information was an email contact. I emailed the individual who was very friendly and said she was going through a divorce and needed to sell the tractor asp. She said she was a flight attendant for American airlines and was using eBay vehicle protection program to handle the transaction and deliver the tractor which was part of the cost. If I didn't like the tractor I could return after 5 days at owners expense. She asked for my name and contact info. And said she would pass it on to eBay. I gave the information and then received an email from "eBay" with an invoice number and directions on making the payment by purchasing 4-$500 eBay gift cards. Fortunately when trying to purchase the gift cards one of the store managers said that federal law only allowed her to sell one $500 gift card per day and I should do some research to make sure this wasn't a scam.


Mar 11, 2017

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