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Saint Louis, MO, United States Review updated:

Security Jobs posted on Craigslist in Saint Louis are 99% Scams. Using words like "acquaintance".
"finding" security officers.
These are words used by scammers in Lagos, South Africa sitting in the coffee shops. You send them your info thinking you are applying for a security job, when what you are doing is setting yourself up for e-mails about Viagra, Cialis, Penis enlargement, Russian Brides, etc.
I used to post warnings about the SCAM security ads but Craigslist has since then refused to post any of my "warning ads"
This is because they are getting something out of these ads. What, I do not know.
This is outright DISCRIMINATION.
Shame on you Craigslist!!!

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  • El
      21st of Jul, 2012

    Craiglist now discriminates against the poor. Their new phone verification policy (you have to give them your cell number before they'll place your ad, so they can text you, which you then send back to them) is discriminatory because they'll only verify phones that require credit bureau information to get. Phones from Virgin Mobile, certain phones from ATT, etc., can't be verified because they are "pay-as-you-go" --- exactly the kind of phones people with poor or no credit, use. They all exclude Voip phones and Google Voice numbers, also used by people with "not a lot of money" or who have poor credit ratings and can't get a "regular" phone. Since the depression hit, LOTS and LOTS of people now have lost their credit ratings, so Craigslist joins the ranks of others to discriminate on the basis of credit reports, like landlords and employers.

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  • Br
      21st of Jul, 2012

    You call it discrimination, they call it CYA. It's the American way.

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  • Br
      21st of Jul, 2012

    Typical trolling comment from Venice.

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  • Ve
      15th of Aug, 2012

    There is a man on craigslist who has posted three ads in Daytona from another state.The ads have been running for months.They have been flagged but never removed.Other people try to post one ad and they are ghosted especially women it seems.I sense discrimination with craigslist.Why is craigslist so unfair to some of their customers.Why are some aloud to overpost and some aren't?

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