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Craigs List / scam and overpayment fake checks

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We received an email stating that this person wanted to buy a rug from us. They told us they were hearing impaired, and just moved into a new town and had movers delivering their things. Then we received another email after making a deal, that their bank accidentally wrote out their check to us for a much larger amount ($2, 450.00). They claimed that they were desperate for their money to pay the movers. They told us that the cashiers check would be delivered via UPS. They then asked if we would take the check to our bank, cash it, and then wire it to their fake moving company. Well we did what they asked because we felt sorry for this person due to their disability and just wanted to help her. The money was wired Western Union as per their request. They would pay the WU fee and for the rug (which was only $150.00). We cashed the check and wired the money. It was about 24 hrs later when we realized that this was a total scam! We received another email from the same person (Jessica Spencer) asking us if we would please help her buy a car, her bank accidentally cut the check to us, and she wanted us to wire the money to the seller so she would not sell the car to someone else. At that point we emailed them back and said no, to stop payment on the check because we would not do it.
Since then, we have had to cover ALL of the lost money ($2, 450.00) + some, and have been to our bank, the police, called Western Union, and filing complaints wherever we can. Please do not fall for this scam. These people are terrible and pray on kind and innocent people. Thank you for allowing me to write about our situation. My hope is that if we get the word out, these people will be arrested for their crimes.

Mark and Jane keller

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  • Ch
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    They tried that with me, but as soon as they said that the secretary "accidentally overpaid" me (I was selling for $200, they sent me $3, 000 fake check and asked me to hurry and deposit and wire them the extra via WU) I knew i was on to a scam.

    the scammer was on gmail so got into my contact list and was telling me how "he" "trusted me" that i would make good and send him the overpayment for his daughter who needed the money for her school needs. HAHAHA He thinks he's gonna trick me with my own honesty? I don't think so...

    so i told him that i will just return the $3, 000 check to him and he can just send me another check for the correct $200 amount, and i need his mailing address. :)

    he said no, do not worry about that, just hurry and deposit the fake check and quickly wire him the money. he gave me an address and WU #. So i looked up the address and told him this address did not exist. he said that uh, his "shipper' gave him that WU address, not to worry about it, just wire it to the account #.

    I would just love to break his/her neck! the whole lot of 'em. May they all perish in the lowest pits of hades.

  • Wh
      6th of Feb, 2010
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    I got one of these fake checks this week and these people are scary and creepy. I destroyed the check and blocked the email.

  • Ch
      26th of Aug, 2010
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    also the "person's" name is not jessica spencer. they are nigerians who are using "american-sounding" names and typically use, etc since those are free accounts and they can open them quickly.

    as long as they get the victim to wire money western union, they get off scott free bc you cannot track these things.

  • Jo
      31st of May, 2012
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    Okay I am in the middle of a transaction right now. I am waiting on the check to arrive. What happens if you try to cash the check at the bank?

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