Cox Media Groupreturned cable box - extremely rude cox guy at the counter


I recently moved from my apartment in Parma, OH 44134, to downtown Cleveland.
On Friday 4/28/17 I returned the Cox Cable box to the Cox center at 12221 Plaza Dr, Parma, OH 44130. I think it was round about 2.30 pm.

When I handed the Cable Box to the person (Brandon or Brenden), I also handed in two brand new UNUSED cables. This person (Brandon) then just threw out the brand new cables (still shrink wrapped).See Top 10 Worst Companies in Parma, OHWhen I asked him why he was throwing those out instead of using them for another customer, the guy became EXTREMELY AGITATED. There were no other customers behind me, so who knows what this guys problem was. He snapped back that "We recycle everything".
Quite honestly if this is the kind of service Cox offers to the public, I am going to make it my business to NEVER use Cox Cable again.
Thanks for another bad experience by a company which obviously doesn't need my business.

May 06, 2017

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