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Switch cable service cause I could not receive internet in my area it all started with the rep from Walmart who submitted the wrong address the first tech went to the wrong house after having my daughter wait all morning/afternoon call to find out what happened they all but called me a liar describing someone else's home had to reschedule for two more days, now another tech this tech shows up in front of my house in a old jeep just dirty, came in put in the wrong boxes (the struggle is real) this tech should have rewired my house but he chose not too had to call customer service Again! !!! See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Oklahoma City, OK. Another Tech was called out for Saturday they show up in front of my house in a big Cox Van described me and my husbands cars and the home put in report we never awnsered the door!!! . My whole family was home.Customer service Called Again tech came yesterday stayed 3 and half hours had to rewire my whole house he left a hole in the wall wiring. Everywhere across my closet door...Unbelievable they say they can come tomorrow. 5 service techs just wanted Cable

Jan 19, 2017

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