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Cox Communications / retail store 3rd st & bell rd phoenix az

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States
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How are the retail staff trained before they start seeing customers? I visited the store at 3rd St & Bell Rd in Phoenix AZ after going to the corporate location on deer valley rd because the website said I could return equipment to that location only to find I couldn't. I do not drive so I am dependent on public transportation, so I knew this would be a 3-hour event without even the amount time I would spend in the store. I arrived and signed in and watched and observed each of the 3-5 clerks assisted customers. During my 40 minute wait, one of the clerks was with just one customer the entire time. It was apparent he was new because upon my arrival it looked like a manager was helping him, but they he relied on the remaining 3 other clerks in the given area to help him. I noticed who signed in immediately in front of me so I was able to determine when I would be next, so finally one of the clerks finished up with a customer and then another customer walked in and started asking him questions, the clerk didn't call my name and he started helping the guy, after a 40 minute wait, not counting the 2 hours it took me to get to the correct location I was nervous that I would be getting home after dark and I am on a mobility device and it is not safe after dark because I have no lighting to help guide me. So I asked the guy why he was helping the other guy without him having to sign in and wait like the rest of us, his name is Vincent.Torres, at least that is what the card on his workstation read. Then Vincent started aggressively yelling at me saying he was helping him and after that he was going to lunch so he wouldn't be helping anyone. Wow, such unprofessionally, a few things, it was obvious the other guy with the 40 minute customer lacked training and why the first manager didn't stay out there to help him until completion is beyond me, having to rely on other clerks when you have a lobby full of people is extremely frustrating for all the rest of us. Secondly, Vincent has no right to yell or treat customers poorly, I was not rude all I did was ask a question, after he helped that customer he did that knuckle bro thing that was completely inappropriate, this is a place of business, not a sporting event. Overall turning in my outdated equipment turned into a 5-hour ordeal fortunately I was able to arrive home just be dark. I am sorry that Vincent hates his job and the other guy is not trained adequately, but that is not my fault and to get respect you have to give it, and clearly, Vincent does not understand that concept. I kept services with Cox so I am still a paying customer, I have been a customer way before it was called Cox, when it was called dimension cable. Well over 20 years, I hope that Vincent gets a talking to, to remind him or train him on his professionalism.

Dec 28, 2017

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