Cox Communications / phone service

Hutchinson, KS, United States

We were moving our phone service and wanted to keep the same number. I was told I had to do this list of things, which I did. We are now on the 5th appt because the Cox technician does not show up for the appt, nor is there a call to cancel said appt. This is a huge hassle to try to keep rescheduling and redoing things that have already been done. I had to do make up time at work because none of the people that I talked to could be bothered to take notes, i.e. do not call the number being set up, as there is no one at that number. I gave them the number to call, but not one of the eight people I talked to bothered to put that phone number in the acct notes.

If it was my choice, we would not be using Cox for phone service at all, as, obviously customer service does not matter to your company.

May 17, 2017

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