Cox Communications / internet

Oklahoma City, OK, United States

We are switching from Cox after 14 years of service due to the internet service being sub par. We called cause we are paying for 300MBPS and where recieving 3 MBPS. So we called, had a tech come out. Turns out a splicer was left on a cable outside. Never had cable that I know of but they tried to charge me $82 to remove thier faulty equipment. So I call to have the charge removed, after having to talk to two different people, I finally get this charge removed. My husband comes home that day to no internet. He calls, they try to charge us to send a tech out AGAIN. There is a service outage that will be resolved by 9:30. So we call at 10pm they say issue resolved but suspiciously enough we have no internet. I wait on hold for 15 minutes finally get a half way helpful employee I get hung up on before the issue is resolved. I call back, spend another 15 minutes on hold. Get some one who is like hard reboot again and of course nothing is resolved. Now I have to spend my Sat at home waiting for someone to confirm it's not working and make sure I don't get charged for it. This is why I'm looking into AT&T that and once the fiber is available I'm certainly not coming back to Cox. I guess I can switch while I'm waiting for Cox to fix thier many problems.

Sep 16, 2017

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