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I haven't received any email since Wednesday May 10th. As of today, May 15th nothing incoming.
Case number: 4620262
My problems began when Cox changed their email application. It's been downhill ever since.
Cox is supposed to be a technology company that appears to be clueless when it comes to dealing with a "known problem".
I get the runaround. 24-48 hours to fix the problem that was 3 days ago.
When I called on Sunday May 14th, the tech said they had just moved the problem to operations.
What is going on?
I'm disgusted and feel I deserve compensation for every day that you're not providing a critical service called Email.
I've had several techs including one of them twice. Totally useless and rude as far I'm concerned.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Manchester, CTSince Cox cable email is tied into my iPhone, I can't read my email on the iPhone or what is really distressing is that I can't see my missing emails on the Cox email page.
Maybe it's time to cut the cable even though the thank me for being a loyal customer for 22 years.
This is totally irresponsible and a break down in service, repair and making the customer satisfied.
When can I expect my incoming email.
Outgoing seems to work, although emails sent to me and by me to test the service are not in the in box.
Emails sent from Cox Cable tech also has the same problem. They can't download.
All this, and before your system failed, I got an email touting the new Cox bigger, better, and brighter email.
From what I can see, it is poorly programmed, not intuitive at all and obviously doesn't work. Period!
Will I hear back from you ASAP with an update. The level 2 tech support can't seem to fix it at all.
I'm so disappointed and upset with Cox. I'll continue to post on my Facebook page the status updates. May 15th Still no email!
I expect an answer from you.

May 15, 2017

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