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Cox Communications is the most unethical company I have ever dealt with. Not only that, but they have a total lack of concern and respect for their customers. I could fill pages with evidence. But the reason I'm posting this complaint today is because I just found out that the whole time I was signed up for one their "Bundle" packages, I was not getting ANY discount on my services. The reason? I do not have digital cable. That's right. Even though they lead you to believe that if you sign up for all three services - cable TV, telephone and internet - with Cox, you will receive a discount that you would not receive if you did not have all three services, you will NOT get ANY discount or those services unless you have DIGITAL TELEVISION! You will pay the same amount as you would if you only got one or two services from Cox. I called their service rep and demanded to know where that information was when I signed up. He could not tell me and I still have not found it.

Not only that, but they led me to believe my phone service would be cheaper than Qwest. That is, if you don't count the taxes, fees and surcharges they fail to mention! Their cable TV is the biggest rip-off ever. Sixty-seven channels and at least 5 of them are now blacked out. The majority of the rest of them aren't even worth watching. I just cancelled my TV and phone service with Cox. And if I can find another internet service, I'll cancel that also.

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      7th of Jul, 2012

    Sounds to me you just jumped into something without really looking at what you was going to be getting. It's YOUR job to see what it's all about before you order it. I would have done my research before getting something I was not sure about. I have their internet, and it's great. I don't change my services here and there. My bill stays the same every month, unless there is a yearly increase like everything else out there. I would think by now people would have much bigger priorities to complain about than cable. Come on, gas goes up and down all the time. not to mention other utilities keep going up. If you think about it, the cost for monthly cable is nothing like some people's bills for cell services which are over $200 a month. Give me a break about picking on Cox.

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