Courts Singapore / aircon extended warranty services

Had been shopping with courts for decades, but recent year had been very disgusted by your aircon service, even I paid for extended warranty. Bought in aug 2013, break down in 2015, have to fight to get their service down to check, told no part and compressor got to wait but after checking with lg myself, parts and compressor are actually available. Fight again with courts contractor but still doesn't move. Have to go to courts and put on speaker phone with lg for them to believe that parts are actually available. Fight again with their contractor before they agreed to do the job. All these more than 10 days during haze period without aircon. Its useless speaking nice and normally to them, they just like ping pong around.

Now less than 1 year, aircon breakdown again last week, same story but a little worse, told extended warranty don't cover compressor, its my own problem now, I have to call lg directly. Mr. Vincent tan of courts extended warranty "told" me otherwise if they contact lg i've to wait and don't know when. This is courts type of mission and core values advertise largely in their corporate website.

Apr 13, 2016

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