Courts Singaporetotally screwed up my order

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I was at courts lot 1 & purchased an electrolux washer, an electrolux dryer & a samsung fridge from abdul rahman bin yuseff on 10 oct 2011 (mon). I stressed that delivery had to be earliest & he said he will arrange for delivery on fri 2pm which was the earliest slot. I told him that the dryer & washer had to stacked and he said no problem about that, they will do the installation with delivery on fri. I reached the condo on fri at 2pm & waited till about 2.30pm. Called the courts hotline & they said my delivery was not today but the friday after that! I was very taken aback as I told rahman that I needed it urgently as my tenants are moving in on the 15 oct & yet he arranged it on the next friday.
I told the cso over the phone to arrange the soonest delivery and it was scheduled on the following monday (17 oct). I had to apologise to my tenant & troubled my agent to go down on mon. My tenants were not pleased at all & I manage to placate them with much difficulty. When my agent was there on monday, she called me & said that the delivery guys are there but they cannot do the installation of the electrolux washer & dryer! Only the electrolux guys can do it. This time I was really angry as abdul rahman said everything would be delivered & installed on friday! My agent asked the delivery guys for the manager's contact and found out that his name was tony poh & was given his mobile number. When my agent called him, he was not even the least bit apologetic. He said he will check and call her back but he never did. Best of all, when my agent called again, he did not even pick up the phone. My agent had to call the hotline & the cso said the earliest the electrolux guys can come was wednesday.
There are 3 points here that showed that these employees of courts are really substandard.
1. Abdul rahman bin yuseff - he arranged the wrong delivery date when I specifically mentioned that my case was urgent as my tenants were moving in the coming saturday. Yet, he arranged for the friday after. If that was not enough, he did not mention anything about the electrolux installation being seperate of the delivery. This salesman really is a inexperience, inept, careless and puts courts name to shame.
2. Store manager tony poh. Abdul rahman screwed up, that is bad but theres nothing much you can do as he is just a staff. But the unapologetic attitude from court's supposed manager? And refusal to pick up the phone after? Come on! What kind of a manager is that? When your customers are mad, the least you could do is be apolegetic and arrange for the installation soonest.
3. Already 2 major screw ups and we were fuming, the manager should arrange for rectification soonest. Yet, they can only arrange for installation on wednesday?

This is my worst shopping experience and I think if courts is a reputable company, they should give me, my agent and my tenant a good explanation of such major screw-up and such disappointing behaviour from their staff. I have submitted the complain to them on their website. Lets see if they get back with an acceptable explanation.


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      Jul 10, 2012

    bought a phone 2 years ago, shifted house letters send to wrong address
    never received any notifications
    after that a sudden call and have to pay interests of 3 times the phone.
    What the Hell?

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  • A
      Mar 30, 2013

    Dear Nora & Team,

    I have spoken with MR.Jacob ( Hase Fargo Partners & Associates) and agreed to do the payment in 2 slots.Successfully done the first slot and payed one month due and the respective fine. Second slot on April 01 2013, i will pay as agreed. But before that i got a reminder message mentioning that recovery officer will visit home if i am not paying by tomorrow. Really its not fair and also in a professional manner.

    I have been keep on requesting to visit on of the surveyor to check and evaluate the damaged ward robe which i can't fit from past 3 months but no one responded me properly they escalated to other department or vendor( Mgc). I am not agreed to replace my wardrobe which is suggested by customer service from mgc which is not correct decision with out looking the real wardrobe condition asking money to replace.

    Meantime i didn't do the payment as i am under discussing this matter, but for that i am got late due fees, have requested mr jabcob to waive off
    but he clearly explained that payment is different from this matter you need to do it as agreed in the contract on every month. Yes, i do agree that point. But same time customer request should be considered which is not done by courts still now. It mean that courts only worried about the payment not about the customer satisfaction. Its really my fault to purchase the things in courts that too with flexi plans.

    I am one of the victim. Seriously you have to think about the customer also... not only the payment. As a long time period you can't sustain without customer. Customers are the assets for any kind of business. This is time to wake up, please conduct the customer satisfaction survey as soon as possible, which will give you where you are in business in customer perspective.

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  • S
      Jul 24, 2013

    Ha! You guys are so lucky that you didn't get sued for Bankruptcy like me :) Not only was my SGD $8 000 became $13 000, they succeeded i making me a Bankrupt.
    In 2002 when my wife had a miscarriage and she gave birth to a stillborn child which affected her tremendously and i had to resign from CISCO Police to take care of her. We had some COURTS Pte Ltd Installments pending and for one year i had made irregular payments but the Debt Collectors harassed my family by banging our doors a threatening us via phone calls resulting in some very bad misunderstanding between me and The COURTS management in which i was enraged with the manager handling my account who was not at all understanding and was clearly being racist in her attitude and comments which led to a heated tirade from me in their office at Bukit Timah and that eventually transpired into Bankruptcy proceedings against me. In 2006 I was declared a Bankrupt and by that time i felt suicidal and depressed all for a sum of SGD $13 000 which COURTS had brought case against me, these were all hyped up charges with lawyers fees late payment fees and interest which they had quietly kept my account accumulating. Then suddenly the amount was doubled to almost SGD $25 000 after i became a bankrupt with other creditors jumping aboard. I have been unemployed since 2006 and even NEA rescinded my Job as a Environmental Health Officer in 2010 - even after my declaration of being a Bankrupt in the application and interviews and being assured that it will not affect my candidacy for the job. Imagine being called by the NEA HR and told that i got the job and suddenly after a few hours later NEA calls me again ad tells me that they have decided to rescind my job because of my Bankruptcy status. I learnt a very BIG Lesson in Life thanks to COURTS - NEVER BUY ANYTHING FOR HIRE PURCHASE! You got cash you buy - no cash no worries sleep on the floor patiently save money and buy a nice Bed which you don't have to worry about being snatched away from you.

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  • J
      Mar 03, 2014

    Courts has developed another nasty trick, after creating a shopping cart on their online store, total value 850 SGD, I logged out to have another look around in the city for any last minute deals. Next morning I had an email in my inbox why I hadn't completed my purchase yet and was offered another 60 SGD discount if I would complete the purchase within 24 hours by clicking on a link with a 800 SGD or more purchase. After all, this was not a very bad deal and so I did. Not only finding out just a second too late they did not apply the discount in the end, an email and a call later they stick to the fact my shopping cart contained items that were not applicable for this deal... In the country where I come from, this is pure fraud... Also recognise the complaints above, they give away free phones if you do decide to use one of their loans... Where I come from, stores are obliged to mention that loans cost money rather than forcing them upon you... All together, be very careful when you do buy something here, they lost all my trust, but in the end we are still consumers looking for the best deal... Just don't believe you've found it here until the deal is sealed...

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      Apr 22, 2014

    Bought Samsung 3 unit aircon..instal on 4 april..only one working..the other 2 not cold at all.
    Installer say cannot rectify..nd to call up samsung agent to do setting..after one week Samsung agent came still not rectified.Now they say coil problem..if that is the case..why not replace it??
    Call up Courts..they say Samsung they say parts havent come..what ###..
    The ridiculious part is I have to call Samsung to follow up my own case instead of Samsung call me!!
    Now coming to 3rd week i still cannot use my aircon as the technician advise me not to switch on.
    So almost a month I cannot use my aircon and come next week i have to pay my first Installment.
    Had enough..called up Courts hotline and use!! same excuse like Samsung..will call back but end up never call back..!!!Courts not professional in helping..SaMsung keep giving excuse.
    Now i hope CoNsumer Association of singapoRe can Help me..i am going to lodge

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  • HP DJ2540 promotion in AMK Courts only on 31st March Tue. When down to purchase, NO STOCK being the 1st customer on Q. Must paid and wait. Call hotline today 10th April, CSO told me have stock in AMK Courts but she will get them to call me within the day to confirm. I told her that I will go down to AMK Courts since they have stock. Came to AMK Courts again told NO Stock and not such when have stock. How the can do "Marking Promotion" without stock and fail to give the time for stock to be available even after 10 days. I have to let everyone know of this "Promotion" issue that Courts is doing. SO BEWARE everybody.

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  • M
      Nov 04, 2015

    I hated Courts the day the staff said... This is the company policy, no refund, only replace item of discounted amount. It wasn't my fault. Bought it at very one time special price at Courts birthday anniversary. Item was faulty within a week. When asked for replacement, item no longer available! Replacement only. Where to find an item of equivalent value to discounted amount!
    Hated to the core! I bare my family for stepping into this place. I skipped the advertisement pages. I discouraged my colleagues and friends from stepping into Courts. As long as I am alive, Courts is no entry for me and my family!

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  • M
      Jun 15, 2016

    Sales order #[protected], Brand Code ELX, EMS 3085X, Delivered 27/1/16. No purchase documents were enclosed.
    Now I am sending for repair. Agent wants purchase docs.
    I, Magas Wasagam purchased on Jan 20 or 21 on line as birthday gift for Jayne Gopal. Delivered to her Toa Payoh address on 27/1/16.
    My contact [protected].
    Jayne Gopal [protected].
    Please let me know asap.

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  • G
      Aug 26, 2016

    To Courts whom concern, recently i and my wife have bought more than 10 items from your store for our new house. we arrange for two delivery date due to new house yesterday 26/8/2016 is first delivery of my samsung fridge, delivery time supposely around 11-3pm, so i went to my new [protected]@11am sharp to wait for my samsung [email protected] i make a call to courts CSO to check whether when my delivery will arrive, one of the lady CSO(forgotten her name) told me she will inform the delivery team and they will give me a call but no one gave me a call.after waited an [protected]@1600 hrs i make a second call to CSO another lady CSO(forgotten her name) answer my call. I told her that i have waited an hour no one gave me a call from your delivery team not even your delivery man.By that time i was begin fraustrated, i told her that i have been waited 5 hours since 11am.The worst part is my house still on renovation, there is no place to sit at all. She apologise to me and told me she will inform the delivery supervisor, they will call me ASAP. Another an hour passed, no one called me at all. i was going to flare up, @1700hrs i make the third call to CSO, another lady CSO answered my call. I told her that courts singapore is a reputation company, they shouldn't give the clients a bad impression. How can they just let their clients waited 6 hours not even a call for their undeliver goods? i even told her that i have another [protected]@1730hrs, i have to cancelled it due to your company poor [email protected] at last my samsung fridge arrived, can you all imagined i have to wait 7 hours for my goods. Now i am very worried about my second delivery date on 24/9/2016 same timing 11-3pm.
    My question is "How come the deliveryman didn't give clients a call when they are late for delivery?"
    Tax invoice: [protected]

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      May 11, 2017

    Do not ever buy from courts or courts online even. They advertised in their website that item can be refunded within 14 days even opened items except for certain items. However, I bought a Phillips TV and in their terms and condition TV can be refunded. When I call their call centre the lady simply sad since you opened it it cannot be refunded and insisted that I like her staff check for repairs instead, when i refused, she simply put down the call and said that she won't entertain my request anymore.

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  • K
      May 20, 2017

    To Management

    I'm writing in to show my disappointment of your service and also suprise to hear the voice recording 'we are close for the day. Opening hours 11am to 10pm when it's already 11.45 when I dial the woodlands branch office.

    I made a full cash purchase of a LG fridge n LG washing machine (Inv 

    [protected]) and requested delivery to my cousins address. However the delivery man n call center refused to send the saying address shows as my address. I provided the delivery address to Blk 260A Ang  Mo Kio street 21 xxxxx S(561260) an I saw the salesman Poon Tian Hui keyed into the system but why is there such a mess  

    Also I would like to complain the delivery man who sent the dinning and coffee table to him yesterday. He show attitude to my cousins when he can't even fit the dinning table but request for payment. When rejected feedback his bad attitude he want to fight with my cousin. It's really horrible. 

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  • P
      Oct 11, 2017

    I have had a horrible overall experience with the sofa set that I have purchased.

    I had visited the store at Tampines, and after 2-3 hrs of looking around we finally found the perfect sofa. On completing the purchase we got to know that the inventory was not updated and that the product is not available anymore. We were very disheartened, however after a couple of days we decided to wait for it (delivery in September), and ultimately made the purchase.

    After waiting TWO MONTHS, the sofa reached and was fixed. The fabric was dirty and the overall setup not very sturdy (kept shaking and moving). The technicians told us to take it up with the call centre.

    Had called the call centre and lodged a complaint 4 times till date, and no one has reverted back or come by to fix/address the item. Called them a 5th time today, and finally for a confirmation that the technician will visit us next week to have a look at it, when I am out of country.

    We are so disappointed with the product and the service, that I'de rather they take it back so we don't have to deal with this anymore. We really need to replace this product!!!

    Very disappointing!

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  • D
      May 02, 2018

    Pls do not buy from courts in cash or in installment.i been paying my installment for almost two year.this year coming three year.when I get lay off from my job.been missing two month payment .They threaten to come my hse and sue me to get back the be careful when u buy from them.they are like gangster legally .The salesman cheated .too

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