Countrywide Periodicals / HUGE SCAM

Lolo Hamilton, MT, United States Review updated:

This pathetic excuse for a magazine company has scammed me twice. As a college undergraduate student I just wanted to try subscribing to a few magazines. Then they went even further to take advantage of the fact that I am a student and conned me into believing that by subscribing with their company that I would have a chance at receiving money that I could use to pay for school. Once I realized that there was no chance whatsoever and realized what they were charging each month, I called the company back and politely requested that they cancel the subscription. Like any other fair and honest magazine company they would have complied. However with this awful of a company they refused even given my valid excuse of not being able to pay the monthly due. This company is truly heinous and they should not be given a chance to even converse with such honest and innocent people as myself and all of the other readers out there. I will be sure to spread the word to others in hopes that this company makes no profit and never sees another dime. I have since cancelled the account they continued to charge in hopes that I am never harassed from them again.

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