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Countrywide Financial Corporation / Fraud and scam

1 United States
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Last September of 2008 i applied for a refinance of my home after putting improvements to the tune of over $ 45, 000. New roof, siding, all windows, landscaping, interior renovations many things. Thing new company not country wide. Calls me and informs me that i need to stop making house payments as the loan is approved and will go through.. So i do this the the day my payment is due they call me and say make the payment because so delays came up so my wife gets online and makes the payment on a friday afternoon. Countrywide does not post it until the following monday making it show as late payment!!!

New finance company calls several days later to close the loan and we all get on the phone in a conference call myself, countrywide and new finance company.. Countrywide says i have two late payments on record and new company says that is one too many so the whole thing is canceled and i am left out in the cold..

This would have reduced my payments by over $450.00 a month and taken this insane mortgage insurance off the loan also you know the one that i have to pay the premium costs but countrywide gets the money payoff from if i default on the loan and im left without a house even though im paying the insurance policy!!

Racketeering is what that crap used to be called now its perfectly legal !!!

So im stuck with an $1800.00 a month payment and my income has been reduced to 2500.00 and below. my employer has laid me off for the winter and my wife is ill and cannot work i have a mentally handicapped son and debt coming out of my ears with no end in site and everywhere i turn all i get is sorry and it could be worse... Well so much for the government bail out !!! what a ripoff joke our government is !!! and that is the popular opinion of the masses!!!


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