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Dear Sir,

My name is Md Maqsood Hussain, I received a call on 04/11/2012 from some
unknown person-Sadiq [protected]/[protected] saying I have won 3 free gifts
worth Rs. 25000 from some Malaysian tourism(Not C.Club) company and can
collect the gifts after attending 90mins presentation at amrutha castle,

So, when me with my wife went to Amrutha castle, Hyderabad they informed
that we'll have to take a presentation and then we can collect the gift.
BUT it was a promotion for Country Vacations.

We have been taken to a noisy room where people(couples) are sitting with
marketing executives(Bluff masters). An executive whose name is M.A. Hafeez
([protected]) is given to us as we are Muslims**

He started with some stupid questions with stupid gestures, to know our way
of communication etc, then he started doing a survey with idiotic questions
to convince us for vacations. Later he showed so many documents pictures of
Country club, country vacations, movie stars, concerts etc, (90% of them are
fake). They created such an environment, where people have no other option
left except to buy the offer, room itself is noisy, with music getting
played to distract, Tea, Coffee, Cold drinks, A/C Rooms and applause for
the people who bought the offer(fell in the trap) and the magical words of
executive(Hafeez) and his manager (Sohail-[protected]/[protected]) with
flowcharts(A picture is worth 100 words for bluffing).

Executives will ask you to switch off the mobiles as the jammers(signal
jammers) are fixed in the room and mobile will get affected contact book
will be erased(So that we can not call any of our friends or family members
to ask about the CV or CC membership).(Later when we need to call some one
for credit card or cash, he will call some one to switch off the
jammers--for name sake as we already can see so many other people are using

At last he gave us 3 offers --- 1.49 lacs-lifetime, 90, 000 - 10yrs, 60000 -

we selected the first offer, or rather he forced us to select this option
by flooding us with gifts(Camera, Oven, Gold coin-if we join others, Spa
kit worth Rs 25000 etc)
1.49 lacs Life time membership (Actually its for 30years)
-- If we pay the cash on the spot(Down payment) they'll give two special
offers, one 12Grams gold coin two a Plot at Sagar Sundarvanam of size 150
sq yards worth 90, 000. Later he offered this offer with EMI also without
downpayment(just to bluff us he played that down payment game)

He asked us for Credit card (which we did not get at that time), without
our acceptance of the offer he is ready to swipe the card for payment. When
we said we did not get our card, he said get the card or ask someone to get
the card, I said I already have an EMI, but he still asked to get the card
so that we can check the LIMIT, my brother got the card and I gave it to
him, he swiped the card(we thought he is checking the limit) for 40
thousands and again for 20thousands within no time and gave us the slips to
sign, we left no other option other than to sign... And for remaining
amount (89000) he said he'll apply for new credit card and once we get the
card, we can swipe it for remaining amount and avail offers and other gifts
(Plot, Camera etc). That is it!!! he gave us few other documents(100Rs
bond, some land related form etc) and asked us to sign, without giving us
time to read all the papers in the booklet, and announced with
applause--Welcome Maqsood Hussain to Country club family, every one

After that he put all the documents in an envelope and handed it to us
within no time with hurry bury and asked us to collect the three gifts
which we actually came for (Cclub entry for one day, 7days holiday voucher,
and a pudding set plus 1 pudding set, tea set extra total 5 gifts). In the
illusion of gifts we left from Amruta Castle and reached home.

After reaching home we realized what exactly happened to us, a fraud of
60, 000. We called our friends relatives and colleagues(some of them are
already members of CC/CV) to know about Country club and Country Vacations,
everyone said its fraud and services are not as promised and people are
still waiting for the plots even after 4 years. Later we started reading
the booklet of terms and conditions in the bond..,
Bingo! there so many other hidden charges, like Annual Maintenance Charges,
Annual Administration Charges, surcharges, CClub- Gym and swimming is free
only for 1 year that too for couple, 40, 000 extra for plot registration and
development etc, etc, etc, list never ends. Nothing is free as executives
explain except the Hotel Rooms!!

After realizing we called the no. [protected], people are lifting the call
but not speaking a word, we spent sleepless night, in the mean time we
called HDFC call center to block the card and they said Merchant can cancel
the transaction within 24hrs. In the morning we called executive Hafeez and
Sohail, but no one lifted the call. Later when we re tried they lifted the
call but they are not ready to refund the amount at any cost, what ever
happens, and even if Jagan(YSR Party lead), call us we are not going to
refund and do what ever you want to do-we know how to get the money.

We told them(Sohail) clearly that we want to cancel the membership and we
want the refund of amount 60, 000, and we will return every thing free
gifts, vouchers, other documents etc within 24 hrs of time so that they can
cancel the credit card transaction, but they were never ready, they gave us
Customer care contact numbers and asked us to contact Farhan-[protected]
which is an invalid number. Later they asked us to come after 8:30 PM to
meet them to speak further-- with an intention that the time 24hrs will be
passed and they'll get the amount in their accounts.

Later we called them and asked to speak with senior management, they gave
PRABHA(whose manager is Srikanth) to speak with us who again is not
accepting with us to refund, rather she is giving her own offers (gold coin
and CC/CV membership etc) with the amount they have (60, 000), and asked us
either to accept the offer or to fight with Customer Care and lose the

This is the FRAUD Story which is happen to us and so many other people who
fell in to the traps of marketing management of Country Club or Country

We please request CC management to refund our Hard earned money we do not
want any memberships or plots or any vacations or any other free gifts, we
just want our money to be refunded.


Name: Maqsood Hussain

Location: Hyderabad

Contact: [protected]

Country Club Representative : MA Hafiz [protected]

Manager: MD Sohail [protected], [protected].

Marketing Representative: Sadiq bin Salat [protected].

Customer Care Manager: Farhan [protected]

Country Vacations/country Club

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