Country Vacations / refund of country vacations membership fee

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Y. rajeev reddy, cmd
Country vacations
A division of country club (india) limited
Hyderabad, india

Subject: refund of country vacations membership fee

12-jan-2010: received call from a lady that we have been selected as winner from a lucky draw. she requested to collect the gift from the local country vacations office.

16-jan-2010: we visited the local office. they requested to attend a brief presentation prior to collecting the gift. we agreed. we were directed to occupy the allocated seats. the presenter for us was mehraz (m: +[protected]). he was assisted by a lady viz. unnisah begum (m: +[protected]). we sat through the presentation for about 1.5 hours. they made tall claims on how we could plan our vacations better in the next 5 years and save money. since they were insisting that the offer would be expiring on that day, we decided to buy the membership (period: 5 years) at a fee of inr 72500/-. we made the entire payment through our credit card on the same day.

1st week of mar-2010: after extensive follow-up with the hostile representatives from country vacations we finally got the membership card (mem. no: dt13hyd/1227).

Mar-2010 to aug-2010: we made more than 10 attempts during this time period to avail the benefits under country vacations membership plan. every time we used to call the reservation (040-[protected] or 040-[protected]) to book for a place the standard response was: “no availability in the requested time period” (even when the call was atleast 45 days prior to the planned date of visit). we were so frustrated that we requested the person at the reservation to book us at any place wherever he felt like (at multiple occasions).in these situations he/she used to respond as: “we would come back to you” (and would abruptly disconnect the phone). we never got any call back.

Aug-2010 to oct-2010: we were shattered the way we were “cheated” by country vacations. we lost our hard-earned money and faith. we were desperately looking at if we could sell the membership. we could not find our way.

13-nov-2010: knowing that we have been trapped, we made a last attempt on 13-nov-2010 in case we could avail a vacation in end dec 2010. we made call to the reservation. the person replied: “no availability in any of the places”. immediately after 5 minutes the person called back and insisted that we must pay inr 4000/- as administrative charges.

If you go through these series of incidents, you would understand how your organization has played with the money, dream and sentiments of a family. and I am not the only victim. there are at least a few hundred similar complaints you must have already seen and experienced.

I strongly urge you to refund my hard-earned money. you being the head of the organization, you must own the responsibility to refund this money. please take steps to refund this money now!

Arnab bandyopadhyay

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