Country Vacation, A Division Of Country Club / country vacation is a cheated and fraud

I was cheated by the Country Vacation by their false promises. I already paid 85000 rupees to Country vacation.
They told the amount wich you paid through Credit card, it will be 3 year EMI with 0% interest and no hidden charges as they had tie up with ICICI bank. when the credit card bill came, the whole amount is coming as credit card bill. when I enquire in bank, they told they can make this 85000 to 1 year EMI with 8600 nearly as processing fee. When I call the country vacation executive (Sai Krishna) and the Manager(Md Sohail Ahmed)regd this, they are saying they will talk to their branch head and get back to me. But they never get back. When I call to them, They are not responding the call. I visited two times their office, but those people are not available in office. If I call their head office, always I am able to hear" our executive are busy, please call after some time". This is happening in last whole week. If I call to Sadhu Santosh, the branch head as mentioned by Sohail Ahmed, the no is switched off. I am fed off with all this. Could any one suggest how to get my money back from Country Club.


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