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Country club / country vacation

1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Regarding my previous complain in same forum (ref. 18 April 2017).
Previously I complain about my refund amount along with pending vouchers.
Gragory Soly mail me to visit Karama office and meet Rajesh from customer relation dept.

At that time I was out of country, when I came back I visited to see Rajesh for my pending vouchers and refund amt.

That time Rajesh and his senior convince and promise me that we will deliver your vouchers within next two weeks of time, on that basis I agreed on adjustment of my refund amount of 1667 AED. to be viewed off in my AMC which starts from 2018.

That time they both ask me to update complain section that my concern has resolved, but I refuse and said once I will receive my vouchers I will update.

After nine months of time still there is no answer, in fact I visited last month and see customer relationship manager she also denied by saying that I don't have anything in writing so we will not give, If such thing country club has to say than why they wait for three years, in these three years I visited 12 to 14 times and never I found same customer relationship executive, So every time I explain every thing from beginning and he/she goes to management and the same story your concern forward to management.

If so than why last time Rajesh and his senior made false promise, just to save their vouchers or to prove that how they are making their customers fool.

Now after this incident I strongly fell that in country vacation Dubai, nobody interested in service to customer after sales. They think to put the same effort in finding a new customer but these people might have forget that if existing customer happy than that is the best mode of advertisement free of cost and if unhappy the same thing but for competitors.


Apr 1, 2018

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