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Country club / cheating by giving wrong information

1 India
Contact information:

I had sent so many mails and reminders post that to all the concerned right from sales office to customer care, head of CC, COO & MD but got only stereo typed response to the below mail which I am copying here below for your ref. and if any action is taken against the company. The kind of hype & publicity this organization is creating I am only afraid that there may be many more customers who would be made fool as they are not living up to what they are committing at the time of booking & payment.
Dear All,

It is dreadfully and disgusting experienced that I had in the last couple of months ever since I have taken the membership of Country Club. I don’t know from where to start the tale as I am gradually revealing all lies, whatever were boosted at the time of sale of this Membership No. CCDL37V30LB14622. Whosoever I came in contact with after this only gave me stories and promised to revert but never did. I am fed up and regret having taken this membership and I am amazed that with such a pump & show your organization is creating in the media with Mr. Reddy & the Film Celebrities, where is the ultimate delivery mechanism? If the control systems and service delivery levels are not in place, this organization will eventually expose and drop like a pack of cards.

Let me put the straight points below that I was committed at the time of sales which came out to be all farce:

1. That CC {Country Club} has Local Club affiliations at Delhi/NCR e.g. Panchsheel Club, Safdarjang Club, NFC Club Gymkhana Club etc. which I checked later & found you have none.

2. That while we travel for the stay, in India or overseas, we will get pick up & drop to the destination from the nearest airport/railway/bus station which is not there as confirmed by your service team.

3. That as a member while staying at the registered resorts, we can get a car at disposal, in India or overseas, for which we only need to fill the fuel and use it for our local travel. Total lie as I am denied now.

4. That we can get the booking at any of the resorts in India or overseas but I am told that I can’t get the bookings at Dubai since my membership is lower end that doesn’t cover Dubai.

5. That you have about 350 national and a couple of dozen international destination to choose from to stay but I have been forwarded a list by your service staff that has only about 21 destinations nationally and a similar number of affiliated thru D&E.

6. That CC has affiliation with CLUB MAHINDRA(CM) and as a member, we can use all the CM’s resorts to stay thru this membership which can’t be done vice versa by CM members. This is also a False claim.

7. I have been chasing to get a booking at Manali (Himachal Pradesh) starting from 1st June’13 but despite an advance notice of about more than 60 days and calling up you Delhi service nos, writing mails at Hyd., Calling Hyd. Finally I have got a response from Hyd thru mail that this is not available till late July’13.

8. The welcome letter that I got from you had lots of unwelcome nos and I kept trying them only to be enquired whether I am a CC member or ‘Country Holidays’(CH). At the time of booking this was not told and hence confusion in communication and waste of time & energy in every time providing such details.

9. Finally I was given your Customer Care No at Delhi @[protected] where I spoke to Jyotsna & asked for her help in booking besides many points mentioned above but the response which initially was good later became sluggish as no revert has yet come in.

10. I personally along with my wife met your Delhi Manager Rohit Kumar @[protected] at Rajaouri Garden Sales office around 16th March’13 who promised that he will take appropriate action against Ashish who was the sales manager who booked my membership since Ashish was on leave that day. But he never bothered to call back and when I dialed after a couple of weeks he had difficulty in even remembering the long conversation that I had during my personal meeting with him. He then in-turn put me to some Pranjal@[protected] but he also just called once and couldn’t help in any way. Later stopped taking my calls.

I think that is enough as a feedback to a professional organization to take corrective course so as similar lies are not told to woo new customers leaving further dissatisfaction. I don’t want to waste further time and energy on this subject. Please let me know the following:

a) Whether the above commitments made to me by your sales staff hold good or not?

b) If not then what's the process to get my refund of money that I have paid?

c) What action you are going to take against the people who don’t respond/deliver?

Best Regards
Harsh Juneja

May 19, 2013

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