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Country Club Bank & Trust Corp / refusing to attend to urgent business

1 PO Box 410889Kansas City, MO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 816 751 4217

Wrote to CCTC trust officer, Mr T. Wallingford over 2 months ago about complaint over an unethical nursing agency, Kansas City Home Care, hired by them, but have received no reply from either Wallingford or his boss at the Country Club Bank parent company, a Mr Bradshaw.

can you help?

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  • Cc
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    A private response has been made to William Jaffray.

    - Country Club Trust Co

  • Ji
      21st of Jul, 2017
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    For about 8 years I have used CCB in Raymore, now I don't use it as my primary bank. I have always had good service as I normally use the drive through. About a year ago I needed a notary and went to the bank and was told I that they would need a picture ID and my social security number, I told the gal that a ss# was not required and she told me that is what she was taught and until she is told otherwise she would need it. I had to go to another bank which I no account with and pay like $5.00 and no ss# was required. I came home and looked on line about
    MO state law and found that a ss# was not required to get something notarized. I called and quoted the MO state law to one of the bank managers and she said i was right and no ss# was required. As I stated before CCB is not my primary and noticed that every time I attempt to use my bank card it tells me that my account is closed. So after getting at least 5 cards in the mail every time I want to use it, I was told that it expires for non use after so many days and the solution was to not activate it. So on Tuesday afternoon 7-18-17 I called to activate it and was told that it had expired and that I failed to activate so they cancelled it. I was not happy with this results as it was the banks solution to always having a cancelled card every time I wanted to use it. It was a little after 5pm and Candy I believe told me I was given bad information and non use of the card would cancel as well as not activating it which I was instructed to do. Frustrated I asked asked what time the lobby closed as I was on my way there and needed to pay off some bills with the card, she told me she wasn't sure but either 5:00 or 5:30, I asked if she could please look it up as I was on my way, she finally looked it up and said they have closed at 5:00 and I could only use the drive through. Frustrated again by bad information I just hung up. I pulled in to the drive in window and waited approximately 2 minutes while I could see a girl counting money, and not helping me, now it was about 5:12 pm finally she came to the window and asked how I was doing, I mouthed to her pissed!, but did not say it out loud, and explained to her my frustration, when she said let me get a banker, then another girl came to the window and I explained to her my frustration about the card and she kept apologizing to me, and every time I tried to say something she would over talk me, I finally told her to stop talking so I can get some money out to pay cash for the 2 bills I planned to pay, she continued to over talk me every time I said something which I could not understand her as I was trying to talk and tell her what I needed. She finally just walked away without acknowledging my issue or my request to get $1000.00 cash, I waited about 5 minutes and finally turned off my car. Another car pulled up in the other lane and they proceeded to help them and not me! I finally took my card and tapped on the window with the edge of my card, and was ignored! I called back the main number and was placed on hold finally a gal came back on saying she was sorry but they had an emergency at one of the banks. I asked which one and she stated the Raymore location, I said I think I'm the emergency but not sure why, she explained the police had been dispatched, so I waited several more minutes, now about 5:25 and decided to drive away and take Friday off and come in and talk to the manager. I saw a police car as I exited the parking lot and pointed to the business across the street and pulled in as I was now surrounded by 3 police cars and was asked what had happened. I had to give my licence and explain my simple request that had turned into a all out police call. After telling the officer my story as I just stated after 10 minutes he said the other officer in the bank confirmed that my story matched and I did not bang on the glass nor curse at the young girl. He told me I was free to go and might consider changing banks if they were too hard to do business with. The next day I took a vacation day for Friday to nip this bad experience once and for all. Now I will say that all these years doing business I usually dealt with Ashley who knew me and my truck and always was smiling and helped me out she has been a great gal to deal with, and for the record it was not her that told me about not activating the card it was card services and I don't know who that was. Now Wednesday comes and goes and Thursday comes and goes. Friday I walked into the bank and there to my left is the gal who told me my ss# was required and called me by name Hi Mr. Valentour, I said hi how you doing and asked if I could take a set and she said of course. I started to tell her my story and she said let me stop you and said Heather this is Mr. Valentour, she said hi, I said hi and she asked if we could go in her office, now I have never seen Heather before so I guess she was new and asked for some water as I am diabetic and take a few meds that give me dry mouth, the notary girl said she would get me some and brought me a small bottle of water. I then proceeded to tell Heather my story and got the feeling she really didn't care, then she said Mr. Valentour I have seen the video. I said good then you know I never cursed or banged on your window but I think it bulls**t that she called the police on me...she stood up and said that's it out of my office I won't tolerate you being belligerent to me or my tellers, and we have decided to close your account, and will issue you checks I told her that's fine. I went home to find a phone number to call as I felt I am the one being bullied here. I have bank cards with 4 other banks and none of them have ever been cancelled for non-use. This bank policy is not good, I was told that CCB does that as a courtesy in case my card was lost or stolen. If that was the case I know who to call and who to report to. Now I felt like this was done deliberately on a Friday to make it more complicated for me as the checks are written out to me and my wife, and I can't do anything till she is home after 6:00 pm. I am not sure why Ms. Heather waited so long to address the issue other then to bully me. I am a firm believer that a problem can't be fixed unless you know about it! This cancellation is a problem and so is Heather's attitude towards me. I am almost 60 years old, handicapped, need hearing aids and feel I was greatly discriminated against. Now I have called your main branch on Ward and requested Prieah (?) the branch manager to call me that was about 9:15 and still have not heard from her. I guess it is clear that your bank and it's over 1 billion dollars in assets just don't care about me and my little bit of money, and your tellers as well as you'r branch managers can pick and choose who they can have as customers and who they don't. I feel there is no loyalty for the 8 years I have banked with CCB. I look forward to your reply and solution.

    J A Valentour
    Former Customer

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