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Couchsurfing is a nightmare cultish community full of moochers and people who are just there to take from you what they can. Once you get involved in couchsurfing it is like a vortex in which you are expected to only have couch surfing friends. Furthermore, it is full of political drama with different groups of people wanting to become “city ambassadors” “country ambassadors” etc.

If you feel like you would fit in well in a cult where everyone mooches off people who have free food, a free place to live etc. Then feel free to join couch surfing.

I however, prefer to be friends with people on a bit more equal terms.

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  • Rb
      Nov 26, 2013

    Agreed. I'm a male in my mid twenties who was a member for a little over a year and gave it a try. The only positive thing I can offer is the theory - stay with people who DO want to learn about other cultures. I stayed with someone who had a great profile that expressed how much she loves learning about other cultures and such - I figured, great - sounds like me! She was in her thirties and she had a pleasant, clean appearance. I walked into her abode and found the place was moldy and dirty - a far cry from the description that she had boasted about. The picture of her likeness was certainly younger than she was in person (no biggie, but worth mentioning since the pictures were a definite contrast). Though she 'seemed' to have a pleasant and charming attitude, I can tell there was something off about her. In the duration of my stay, I made the most of my time and did make a complete effort in enjoying my host's efforts. However, I couldn't help but feel that she wanted 'more' from me. I am a straight male but am totally turned off by pushy women, and quite frankly, she came off as desperate. I wanted to explore and meet other friends from the area but she seemed to have planned my whole stay. I would have been more comfortable if some of the days were planned with a group of people and maybe she could have asked if I knew people here, but she did plan most of our eating times for two and in romantic settings. I was a bit embarrassed for her as I declined her advances and did have to suffer through the awkwardness of it all.

    I am certain that, though there may be good experiences from this service, most of the people that join this type of service use it to see how lucky they can get - let's face it, the theory of 'learning from other cultures by way of couchsurfing' sounds as thick as the people who believe in it. I also believe that the people that tend to do this type of thing are people who are pervs and cougars and who are as desperate as people who call the late-night hotlines - all cloaked in being 'goodwill ambassadors' lol.

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  • Ad
      Aug 20, 2018
    Couchsurfing International - I don't have reply e-mail
    United States

    I never use couchsurfing with benefits but you took from my bank account 54 euro.I send messages but o don't have answers. Can you refund money.Please about reply. My page :

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  • Ba
      Aug 28, 2018
    Couchsurfing International - Account Verification

    Dear Couchsurfing team,

    I wish to cancel my verification as I was not informed that there was a transaction occurring to my card i.e. I'm not accepting that this transaction to take place at all.
    my account e-mail is: basel.abdou.[protected]


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  • Le
      Sep 10, 2018
    Couchsurfing - Couch surfing
    New Delhi

    I levi Sethi want to cancel my verification as I am being charged money for it which I thought was a one time payment but it is repetitive. So I would like you to cancel my subscription and Not be charged in future and refund the amount due to me .
    In anticipation at the earliest thanking you
    Levi Sethi

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  • Lu
      Oct 28, 2018
    Couchsurfing International - Customer service
    United Kingdom


    I have reached out to Couchsurfing by email twice now and had no response.

    Could you please tell me how I can permenantely delete messages and not just archive them?

    If this is not possible, can I suggest it should be made to be.



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  • Mi
      Jan 06, 2019
    Couchsurfing International - Profile removed without a reason
    San Francisco

    I put lot of effort to manage a respective couchsurfing profile and helped people by hosting them and now my profile is removed by claiming to be violation of terms and condition. However I am sure that there was a mistake and I never violated terms and conditions.

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