Costco Wholesale / treatment of neighborhood

CA, United States

Costco has put the highest grossing Costco in the 48 states in our back yard. They were very reassuring to the neighborhood that they would be excellent neighbors, and at first they were. Since then, the landscaping in the back of the facility has reverted to bare earth. This area borders the neighborhood of high end homes in Venice, but they could care less about the situation. A few years ago, I drew it to their attention, and they just put more of the same star jasmine in, though this was the plant that all died. I told them not to put the same plant in, that they would die since there is too much shade. So now our neighborhood is bare earth with shopping carts adorning...very attractive!

They also reassured us that there would be lighting. There was lighting the first week, and since then nothing. I saw one couple fornicating in one of the corners. Many women it the neighborhood will not walk next to the Costco property because it is so dark.

I called the man who was head of Costco in the Los Angeles area, to no avail. I have contacted my City Councilman's office so that they can contact the Big and I mean Big corporation. I told them that I am going to contact the LA Weekly as well as the LA Times. I was the person who worked with Costco and the neighborhood, but since then all those with whom I worked, have been promoted, and thus not interested in the neighborhood. Costco actually owns the whole shopping center so they are the ones responsible for everything in the shopping center and around it. They are now into major construction, pushing the wall out closer to our neighborhood, because the warehouse doesn't hold enough. They need to make even more money.

If Costco thinks it's coming into your neighborhood, be sure to dot all the i's . And ensure contacts for the future. Because they will become the worst of neighbors, even if they are among the richest of corporations, and I know our Costco generates megabucks. While wooing the neighborhood, they will present themselves as just folks from Seattle, Washington, but again, do not be fooled.

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