Costco Wholesale Corporation / membership ripoff

Pocatello, ID, United States
Contact information:

I purchased "executive" membership #[protected] because the Costco agent told me how wonderfull it would be to be able to order items online and have them shipped to me (I am located over an hour away from the nearest Costco). I have spent HOURS on the phone with your tech support trying to get online, and it always fails. I worked on it for several hours again today only to find out my membership has expired. I have never been able to make a purchase online even once. Now my membership has expired.

I want a refund of my membership fee, or a free extention for another year.

Turns out that Costco changed my zip code (because I once had my mail forwarded). I did not change my zip code, I always use the same zip as when I sighed up. hours of time spent with Costco tech support, nobody had been able to figure that out until today when I did.

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