Costco Wholesale Corporation / i am filing a complaint about costco's policy of needing to show a driver's license for the purpose of viewing jewelry!

Kirkland, WA, United States
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On Saturday, January 22nd, 2017 (approx 2 PM), I visited the Kirkland, WA Costco Store. I went to the Jewelry Department to inquire on who I should see on submitting one of my wife's ring to have repair work performed on a missing diamond on the band. The service gentleman (Rick) firmly stated that I needed to go to returns to submit my ring for repair. From there I wanted to first see some rings first before leaving as I was very interested to purchasing a ring for an upcoming anniversary. I was able to view a couple of rings valued between $2000 t $4000. Next I wanted to see a Baguette Diamond Ring priced at $4999.99. I was immediately asked to provide a driver's licence. Also he stated that he could not open the case without having a manager present. As a long valued Costco Customer, I was so appalled and have never felt so humiliated by this. I was so upset that I went straight to the store's manager that day (Nick) and complained about this kind of policy that I've not seen practiced at any of the Costco Stores in Northern California. My suggestion to you; do not sell fine jewelry in any of your Washington Stores if you are going to treat customers in this fashion. My wife and I have purchased very nice Diamond Jewelry from ShanCo; we are always treated very well with excellent service; they never ever ask for any IDs just for the purpose of handling jewelry priced on the high side. FYI, I'm never buying Jewelry from Costco because of how I was treated that day ... EVER!

Jan 23, 2017

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