Costco Wholesale Corporation / home installation service issue with shines energy inc.

Dartmouth, NS, Canada
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On december 12 2016 a sales representative from shines energy inc. Came to my home to discuss my options for a heat pump. We discussed my options and I was told a lennox ducted heat pump would be my best option for my home. He quoted me a price of $9500.00 taxes included with a 600.00 costco cash card rebate. He was very interested in taking my credit information and confirming the deal while he was at my home. I declined as I needed time to process and do some research on the product as this is was going to be a very large financial investment for me.

On december 16 2016 I sent an email to the representative asking if there was any room to negotiate with the price and did not hear anything back from him.
On december 20 2016 I sent second email asking if there was room for movement with the price. The sale representative called me that evening advising that should be no problem to complete the job for $9000.00 taxes included and I asked him to send me another quote reflecting this offer.
On december 23 2016 I had still not received the new quote from the sales representative so I sent another email (Copy attached).
On december 29 2016 I finally received the second quote for $8999.99 which made me very happy as I was really looking forward to getting this investment to my home completed. There was no mention about the costco gift card on the new quote so I emailed the sales representative to send me another one including the costco card and amount.
On january 2 2017 I had still not received a response from the sales rep with the new quote including the costco gift card and I sent another email.
On january 3 2017 I still had not heard any response back from the sales representative so I called and left him a message asking him to call me back.
On january 5 2017 (Two days later) he called me back. I told him I was getting really nervous about committing to this project due to his poor communication with me and I was concerned that if I had a service issue with something after the project was completed I would encounter the same type of issue trying to receive service for the pump from shines energy inc. The representative apologized for his lack of communication and reassured me shines energy inc. Is a reputable company and are commuted to servicing their customers. I explained to him my oil tank is now at 1/4 of a tank and I needed a response with the new quote including the costco gift card and amount, he advised his office was giving him a hard time honoring the $600.00 costco gift card with the new price but would be willing to offer a $400.00 costco gift card, in the same conversation he said he felt shines energy inc. Should honor the $600 costco gift card and for me to call his office to discuss as he was not available for the remainder of the day. He also advised they would be able to complete the project the following week and for me not to worry about the small amount of oil I had left.

On january 9 at 4:30 pm the sale representative called me. He advised he had many conversations with his boss and basically that shines energy inc. Would not be able to service me properly if I had an issue with my new heat pump and I should ask another company in my area to complete the project!

I was going to call the owner of shines energy inc. And advise him of my disappointment and concerns with this sale representative and that his actions do not reflect in a positive way for this company but in the discussions I has with the sales rep he advised that he and his boss are best of friends, so voicing my concern would probably be a waste of my time and after all this I would not be interested in doing business with shines energy inc.

I made my initial contact with this sales rep at the costco store in halifax nova scotia. When he called and advised he would be able to come down to my area I was extremely pleased as I have been wanting to complete this investment to my home for a few years but was always told I was out of the area required to have the work done through costco. I am an executive member and have been for years. I have developed a trust in costco and the products you offer and have never been let down in any way with anything I have had an issue with over the years, costco has always made it right for me. When I thought I had the opportunity to get this heat pump installed I did not even feel the need to get other quotes from different companies as I know costco backs their product and if I ever had an issue with this pump I believed costco would do their homework and only hire a reputable company to work on costco's behalf to represent and complete these types of install services.

I know this is a long detailed story of my unfortunate event but I feel it is important for costco to be made aware of my negative experience with shines energy inc. This company is representing costco and in my situation did not reflect the positive "costco experience" I have a always had in the past and I do not want this type of situation to happen to any of your other members who value and respect the always exceptional costco experience and service like I do!

I have all the correspondence I had with this sales representative should you wish to have them to help you understand my frustrating and disappointing experience with shines energy inc.

Please free to contact me should you wish to discuss the details of this situation further!


Gary shute
Member #[protected]

Jan 12, 2017

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