Costco Wholesale Corporation / employee customer service

I live in Skokie IL, where I frequently shop at the Costco. Tonight I was waiting for my daughter who was at volleyball practice in Glenview IL #348, so I decided to stop in and grab a few things I needed. At the checkout line I placed some items on the belt and left my bigger items in the cart after I made sure the items were organized neat and barcodes were facing up making it easy to scan for the cashier. Now I didn't have much in the cart just some baby wipes, toilet paper, Clorox wipes and some mandarin oranges. All in which fit very well with space where he could see there was nothing else in the cart. The cashier's (Onix O), only words he spoke to me were while he was scanning the lady's things who was in front of me "where is your membership card". I handed it to him with a smile he then finished that order. He then looked into my cart sighed grabbed the oranges and Clorox wipes and threw them on the belt and moved the baby wipes and toilet paper to the exact same spot they were in just in the other side of the cart, ok fine I get they have to watch for shop lifters. What bothers me is the whole time I'm being waited on he was rude had an angry look on his face barely made eye contact, huffed and puffed and acted as if I was bothering his evening. As he handed me my card and receipt I said "thank you, have a good evening" and he didn't even acknowledge me, he proceeded to start scanning the next customers items. I understand people have bad days, but it should not interfere with your job especially when you work in customer service. I have never had such an experience with a Costco employee being so rude.

Nov 16, 2017

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