Dear customer service,
On Jan 29, 2017 report to costco clubhouse #470 tire service center in san jose ca to get a flat tire repair however, one of the sale associate of name Tony refused to take a repair order, then another supervisor Ian denied taking the order as well claiming that they have other jobs more important such as selling complete set of tires. I asked for upper manager within this department and they refused to let me talk to one.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Jose, CA I told both of these gentlemen that I will file a complain and I left the department, as I was leaving I came across person name Floyd who happens to be the upper manager for this department I told him about my situation with the tire and again he didn't want to take the order nor approve for me to take the car elsewhere to get tire repair done. Since this is the first time I need a repair from Costco and they refused to honer it I'm demanding full refund of my tires so that I can go elsewhere, where they can honer their warranty and to replace the tires.
Your immediately action is required.
Best regards,
Pascual Cardenas

Jan 28, 2017

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