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Houston, TX, United States
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On Saturday, February 11, 2017, I went into Costco store to return a cell phone that I purchased from the cell phone department. I bought the cell phone as new at this Costco branch and was returning it because it was malfunctioning. I went to the cell phone department and they gave me a new phone and told me to go to check-out to finish the process. As I was going to the check-out counter, a female Costco employee proceeded to (1) stop me; and, (2) ask me did I come from the outside and did I get in the store without a member's card, wondering if I was in the process of stealing the phone. First, Costco has very strict security. A person cannot enter a Costco location unless he/she present his/her Costco card, which includes a photo I.D. The employee automatically assumed that I was stealing the phone because of my ethnicity (I am an African American male). Second, any products purchased in the store cannot make it past the check-out counter without having your receipt check by a person when you leave. So, she made false assumptions. If she still works there, I can identify her. As far as resolution, I was insulted and humiliated, so I am looking for fair damages (punitive).

May 19, 2017

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