Costco / ihome ibt7 waterproof bluetooth speaker (online id 1110077)

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I went to Store 218 in Sterling today (12/3/16) at 1230pm EST to purchase the subject item. There were 3 in stock for $69.99.I requested the pricematch from which was listed at $49.97. This item was not an exclude online item and the website even said it may be available at your local warehouse (which it was) The CSR rep wasn't able to adjust so she called over two separate supervisors, Justin and Alan, who had the ability to make the adjustment. They were completely rude and disrespectful and refused to make the adjustment due to there still being 3 on hand. They stated had there only been one left, they would have adjusted the price. They also said it was too much trouble since the store item number didn't match the online item number. They concluded the interaction by stating if I wanted the item, I would have to buy it online and then walked away without another word. Too much work for them I guess. I then requested to speak with the store manager, Madeline, who was on site. The CRS requested her twice, but she refused to address my concern. Appearently my time and issue weren't a priority to her. I've been a member since 2003 and I spend over $40, 000 in their stores and with their card every year and this is they way they treat loyal customers. This single interaction has really made me consider cancelling my membership and just shop at BJs Wholesale.


Dec 03, 2016

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