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I have been a loyal customer for costco for few years now and it's one of my favorite places to shop at or at least it used to be till the whole transition from american express to citi. It has been nothing but a nightmare to me.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Orange, CA
I had american express credit card through costco and that was the only card i used over there and i had no problems whatsoever and an awesome experience with customer service then my the end of april i received a letter saying that ill be receiving the citi card by the beginning of june and by mid june i won't be able to use the american express anymore and today kits the 12th of july and I still haven't received my card yet and i called the horrible customer service for citi bank more than 5 times and each time i stay on hold for at least 40 minutes before someone actually picks up and i go through the whole process of explaining that i haven't received the card yet and they would verify the address and say everything seems fine and they don't know why i haven't received it and they would tell me we would issue another card and you should receive it in 19 days and the same story has been going on for a month now and i still haven't received the card yet and they wouldn't even have the courtesy of apologizing or trying to trying to expedite the process so i would receive it faster saying oh we can't do that it was to be sent by regular mail.
It has really been a nightmare and i want to know whose fault that is and who is responsible for all the hassle I'm going through and all the money and the benefits that I'm losing for not receiving the card and not being able to use the card. Everything was fine before the whole citi bank transition thing and i want to know what i did to deserve the horrible customer service that they are providing and not even knowing what happened and whats causing all that delay. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Jul 11, 2016
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  •   Jul 12, 2016

    With the changeover, how many millions of cards do you think they have to issue? How many people do you think are calling to complain about the changeover? You want instant satisfaction and you aren't going to get it. Take a breath, and wait. These things take time to iron out.

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  • Cp
      Jul 12, 2016

    They have had years to iron this out before they issued the card and by the way citi customer service stinks the worst I have ever had .

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  • Sr
      Jul 12, 2016

    I totally agree with cpuTim123. I tried to call citi customer service last night and was put on hold for 45 my husband is trying to call and has been on hold for almost an hour!! Insanity! Citi either needs to hire more customer service reps or Costco needs to unload them and go with a card company that has some semblance of customer service. I never had a single problem with Amex! I won't be using this citi card for any other purchases other than not worth the hassle of having to deal with them. COSTCO! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!??

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  •   Jul 12, 2016

    I remember years ago our company merged with another and we took on over 300, 000 accounts. The deal had been in the works for over 5 years, but the merger itself brought months of work to update each account with the new account numbers, and incentives. People, just like you, were calling to complain that 'we' were not doing our job and that 'we' did not know what we were doing.

    Yes, we did know what we were doing. We were working on merging thousands of accounts with our own database. Like I said, it takes time. Either deal with it, or dump the card. But look at it this way, you are mad at Citi, but Citi bought those account because AMEX sold them. So who should you blame? I would be pissed at AMEX for selling me out. You can not buy what is not for sale.

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  • Qb
      Jul 13, 2016

    amex sold because costco made them they were strongarming amex into an impossible deal costco should have lefgt things well enough alone!

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  •   Jul 14, 2016

    You know very little about economics. AMEX has one of the largest fee structures for merchants in existence when it comes to credit cards. VISA and MC are cheaper. So Costco was trying to get AMEX to lower their out of control fees, and when they refused, dumped them. More fees, higher costs, means more for you to pay. So Costco did you a favor.

    The lovely thing about the free market, is that you can choose not to do business with someone.

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  • Wi
      Jul 23, 2016

    Citi has the worst customer service ever. I left CitiCards years ago because of their poor service (long hold times, freezing of cards during international travel, general inflexibility). That a company like Costco that publicly states that it is focused on quality and member satisfaction chooses what most analysts agree is the worst among the card services provider should be noted by all members. I want AMEX back - they have sufficient staff to answer calls quickly (I am still on hold after typing this and was on hold for 30 min prior!). Unacceptable. Costco needs to step in and put a Service Level Agreement in place with respect to customer service or transition back to AMEX.

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  • Da
      Nov 12, 2016

    The Costco citi card is charging a high interest rate on the average balance carried on the account even when you pay the card off in full on the due date. They also keep changing the due date for you payment. The interest that charge each month is offsetting any benefit from using the card. I have paid off my account since I STARTED TO USE IT. Time for me to stop using this card. I want warn all other user to examine their statement. You will be surprised. True crap. Costco saves at the cost of the customers.

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  • Ms
      Nov 17, 2016

    I'm glad I found this post. I have not received my new Visa card to replace my Amex. I've been waiting and I even tried to call and for security reasons they will not give me my account information. My balance from Amex was transferred and yet I have not received anything from the new bank. I finally got through to customer service which I've called a million times and they are telling me the account is closed out for non activity. I haven't beenable to pay my bill without any of the information and I wasn't even afforded the opportunity to do so. Not one phone call or email or even letter in the mail. I was concerned about my credit report after the information received and now I've been penalized. Have any of you made contact with anyone to make a formal corporate complaint. If so, please share. I have been a loyal customer and I've kept up with my finances responsibly. This is an injustice and I am sure I am not the only one who has been treated as us.

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  • Ta
      Apr 25, 2017

    I have a disputed charge on my account. Citi Card responded when I called with a real interest in helping. They did nothing. When I called ten days later I heard a recording saying that my dispute was denied. I had sent them a 12 page package with photos and a request to contact me. They did nothing. I went to Citi Bank where I have two accounts and requested assistance. I explained that the case is now being investigated for fraud. Yes! we will have the manager call you right away to help. Ten days later and they still have done nothing with no contact from them. I received a letter in the mail today from Citi Card saying that the amount will be released and I will be charged fees and interest. They just don't care so I will be in Citi Bank tomorrow to withdraw all funds from the bank.

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  • Wa
      Jan 11, 2018

    My payment on my Costco citi card was due on Jan.1st 2018. I paid it in full on the Jan. 2nd because the post office and my bank were closed for the Jan.1st holiday. They (citi) charged me a $27.00 late fee and $ 33.00 in interest. After calling and complaining they took the charges off, But how many people didn't catch this charge and didn't call? This citi card is the only credit card I have ever had that has been nothing but problem after problem. Most credit cards give you a due date and then a short grace period before fees and interest are charged not these money grabbing thieves. I can't believe Costco would allow this company to tarnish their reputation. I have had many credit cards over the past 40 years and have never had any major issues until now!

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  •   Jan 12, 2018

    @warakama You can pay your card online, mail a check or money order before the due date. It is due ON or BEFORE the due date. You were late. They shouldn't have taken the charge off. If you have had many cards in the past 40 years and can't read the disclosure or statement they send you, then you are irresponsible.

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  • Po
      Jun 20, 2018

    Costco you better re think you position with Citi as your card holder. I have been a loyal customer of both Citi and Costco but with my recent experience with the Citi Costco card I may have to re think my position. I recently moved from California to Nevada and with the move came several changes, one being bank accounts. We signed up for the Citi Costco card and started using it for purchases at Costco and accidentally we linked our closed bank account in California instead of linking it to our Nevada account so the payment did not process. We realized our error and sent a payment of $1129, $4160 and $2564 all within a 10 day period as we did not want to carry a balance, well before the very first due date. TWe have been fighting with them for 3 days as they now are saying that each payment will take 7 business days to clear and my card is unusable. The thing that bothers me the most is their customer service could care less about your issues. All I have received is words of understanding and apologies but no action. When asked to speak to a supervisor they are always unavailable, surprise, surprise. I have three other credit cards with Citi and no holds on payments have ever occurred and not to mention a 50K LOC that has always been paid on time. Common sense has been lost at companies like this. If you are in customer service but can't provide anything more than "I understand" or "I apologize" you might consider a different line of work because you are not providing customer service.

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  • Bi
      Sep 25, 2018

    Big Max, Sept 2018
    CitiBank gets hacked a lot! Before joining with Costco they were hacked in 2001 and it was a misery for me. Since Costco joined with the bank I have been hacked at least 4 times. One time it was $1K. I am considering Sam's Choice because I feel I'm totally out of options. CB NEVER announces the hacks. That's dishonest.

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  • Ts
      Oct 24, 2018

    The Costco Reps convinced me to get Executive membership as they said the rebate would pay for itself. Buying hearing aids for mom, required to get membership, so got the Executive Membership, got the "COSTCO" Citibank Visa and bought the hearing aids. $3k later, the hearing aids were lemons (repaired in store & replaced numerous times) as we had nothing but issues with them, then upon returning them within the "trial timeframe" we found out they weren't compatible with android phones either. Gosh, that wasn't what we were advised when we purchased them.

    I called the COSTCO Citibank Visa & on the recorded ph line was told to return them for credit, then the credit would be back dated to "erase" the original charge. That didn't happen. The credit was simply applied as a credit, causing the interest from the original purchase to continue to apply! This wasn't what we were told what would happen. Mom bought replacements, from the Costco hearing center, from another vender that are android compatible. They weren't applied as "no interest applied" for any timeframe like the original purchase was; therefore, not only is the original purchase interest still accruing in the background, but the new purchase of $3k has instant interest.

    I now have around $6k of interest of hearing aid interest ($3k for approx 90 days), PLUS charges from 2 different companies that should have chargebacks applied. I've returned and refused some internet ordered items from TopHatter, but the COSTCO Citibank Visa reps kept saying, we can't find the charges, we can't read your proof, we don't understand your claim, etc etc until finally they said, "Sorry, your claim is to old and past the chargeback timeframe." The second claim is from a game that violated iTunes "Terms & Policies". iTunes emailed me asking for additional screenshots for more proof to further pursue iTunes for violating their terms & policies. This being said, I have in writing the plea from iTunes that the game violates their terms & policies. iTunes emailed stating credits will be issued and then a rep emailed stating the amount is above his personal limit. He stated, if I provide him a list of charges, he'd submit the request for the credits to be issued.

    I never heard from iTunes again. When I contacted them again, they suddenly said, "No further credit will be issued." I sent these emails as proof for a chargeback to the COSTCO Citibank Visa card. They replied they were unable to locate the charges, couldn't understand my complaint etc etc. Finally I received a letter stating the charges are now to old and are beyond the chargeback timeframe.

    I am seeing a pattern of putting the customer off so we don't have to do chargebacks. Don't retrodated anything, delay, delay, delay and don't do anything for new charges to waive the interest. Make that money, we are driven by the Almighty Dollar, not by the customer. I guess the best way to say it is that I feel that the COSTCO Citibank Visa card's motto should be, "Your interest is our ONLY interest!" They only care about making money NOT customer satisfaction!

    I worked in customer service for over 30 years and can honestly say if I ever treated a customer the way the COSTCO Citibank reps treated me, I would have been fired on the spot! There's never any effort put into the calls, they push you off and delay everything. They're rude, short, flippant and unwilling to really put forth any effort to do anything to help. If you have issues that consist of more than 2 or 3 charges, the reps don't want to stay on the line and help you. They'll tell you to fax, email or snail mail your complaint in. I've faxed and emailed to no avail as they claim no receipt, can't read it etc etc. They're full of excuses when it comes to disputes.

    The COSTCO Citibank Visa even violated the FTC law by not responding to a request within a 30 day period. In fact, if memory serves me correct, the request was made back in June (need to review my records, but I know it's been months) which is WELL over 60 days. This is a FEDERAL LAW that they've broken and I fully intend to report them once I get my facts 100% ready.

    Costco has replied to my complaints simply as, "Citibank is a separate entity and we aren't in any way related to them. Please let me know how I can help in regards to the Costco part of your complaint." I am appalled by that reply, because if you promote the product, sell it and have your name on it - THEN YOU ARE IT - OWN IT! I really do think Costco needs to take some type of ownership in this fiasco between the hearing aids, the interest, their name headlining the CC and so on.

    My last comment is BUYER BEWARE! In my opinion, you should stay away from ANYTHING COSTCO! I've had American Express since the 80's and even through a bankruptcy, they were there. They immediately charged back TopHatter & iTunes for the charges when I provided proof without any hassle! There's no membership fee, I get rebates on my card and no annual fee either; therefore, comparing "apples to apples", the AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD IS 100% BETTER THAN THE COSTCO CITIBANK CARD - THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS MORE THAN THE CARD INTEREST (making a buck)!

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  • De
      Jan 07, 2019

    I wish there was minus stars. I just got denied for a Costco card thru Citibank due to too many inquiries and after talking to the credit bureau they are false. No one at Citibank would look into it. 790 credit score 150000.00 salary and denied for false inquiries. Experian was willing to talk to them but they just keep saying they cant over ride their system, more like WONT because they don't care about customer service. Good luck because every company that has forsaken customer service, aka Sears is going out of business. Oh wait Citibank was doing business with Sears. I canceled my # Costco Membership and will not do business with either # Citibank or #Costco.

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