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Costco / bad business practice

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In 2007, I had a returned check to Costco. This check was returned due to a bank error. However, I was in a car accident and three months of rehab (outside my residence). Upon getting home, I went through stacks of mail to find that I had a returned check. I immediately went to the Costco store to try to remedy it. Armed with a letter from BofA (stating return was their error) I went up to Costco to pay the check. They had turned it over to a collection agency. I told them the circumstances behind the check and why it took me six months to get up there. They still insisted I deal with the collection agency and would not recall the check back. The collection agency charged an additional $95 in fee's for the check. So, a $142 check cost me over $235 with Costco. The manager's name is Bill and apparently didn't even care or show any sensitivity towards my situation. The bank volunteered to pay the return check fee of $25 but would not pay the additional $70 in fee's. I simply asked for Costco to do the right thing. If I bounced the check due to my mismanagement, then I would take the consequences of that. But not knowing there was an issue due to stuff beyond my control only goes to show how insensitive and profit oriented this company is. Thank you Costco for victimizing me. I vow never to shop with you again. The time I lost from work due to my accident and the changes this accident has caused my life, you just added fuel to the fire.

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  • Ba
      29th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Okay, what exactly did Costco do wrong? They sent you letters telling you that you owe them money for goods you bought...when you, or ANYBODY never contacted them to explain why you have not taken care of your obligation, they took the next step to get their money. In SIX MONTHS you finally want to pay and now it is out of Costcos hands. An accident is a horrible thing but surely someone could have read the ceritfied letters from Costco before it went to collections. Costco did no wrong!!

  • Ni
      30th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Costco couldn't tell the collection agency to withdraw the claim; once a claim is made, it is too late. You didn't have anybody pick up your mail and bring it to you?

  • Ki
      28th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    take a cart, put some vulnerable staffs, like eggs, glass, flour in it and vandalize them while u go around in the costco and leave them inside and come out and have a cheap hot-dog and pop and go home...

  • Th
      27th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    your lucky it went to a collectio9n agency where i work they send it to the DA and you are brought up on charges of fraud and required to pay for a class, pay a fine, pay the bounced check fee, and pay the check.

  • Ya
      13th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm sorry for what happened to you...but I don't see why Costco should have to absorb the cost ($70) for a mistake unless it was their mistake. You say it was a "bank error" and were "armed" with a copy of a letter form BofA stating such...but why are you expecting Costco to eat 6 months of all of the work (collections, mailings, collection costs, ETC) to try and get the money back for the bad check????? If it was your bank's error, then they should pay any fees associated with the situation.
    The fact that you had medical issues and couldn't take care of the situation before 6 months is NOT Costco or Bank of America's fault. If you have a relationship with your bank, they should be the ones to try to be compassionate and pay for any fees because of their mistake.
    I own a business and occasionally get returned checks. I get all kinds of reasons and I try to be compassionate...BUT the fact of the matter is, my bank charges me every time a client bounces a check to's called a "returned check fee" and it ranges $15.-$25 and no matter what the reason, I am charged that fee. So no matter what the reason a client's check is returned, I want to get reimbursed for that amount. AND to tell you the truth, if I had to try to get my money for 6 months, I think $70 is more than resonable for waiting for your money considering they could have had you arrested for a bad check.
    I just get so ticked off when I hear how someone bad mouths a business when they did nothing wrong.Instead I would have thought you'd be more apologetic to put them thru the hassle and happily paid the fees. After all they did hire a collection agency. That's why they had you go thru the agency...the agency had to get paid and that was probably the only way.
    I think you are looking at the situation lopsided...if you were a small business and someone wrote you a check for whatever reason, you couldn't cash... you'd probably be compassionate but still want your money. There's nothing wrong with what Costco did. It should have been the other way around...with Costco saying, they no longer want your business and will never take a check from you again...not you saying you will never patronize them again.
    It's a drag what happened to you medically, but it really isn't Costco's fault that happened and you couldn't get in there earlier than 6 months...PLEEZE!

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