Costa Coffeeprice charged for order - order placed was a large chai latte

A Nov 26, 2017

Date of the incident: 19/11/17
Client number: Not known
Full description of incident:

I visited the Costa Coffee store in Blackheath and ordered a large Chai Latte. The store was very busy and when ordering, I was charged £3.20.
This is the correct price for a large coffee - however they gave me a regular sized coffee cup and when querying this, they were adamant that they only serve one size cups yet the prices reflect different sizes and I could clearly see the different size cups they were using.

Resolution of incident:

As the store was busy, they didn't provide me with a receipt even though I asked for one so have no proof of purchase. I want this looked into and the store investigated as I am not happy with being ripped off and charged a different price to what clearly is stated by Costa Coffee on the board. This is not what customer service is about and this is clearly ripping customers off.

The attached photo is the size cup that I was given.

Alison Turner

Costa Coffee

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