Costa Coffee / manager service

Crawley England West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dear Whitbread,
I was on Crawley, County Mall shopping centre lower level, on 16 july early morning .. I can't beleive.. with which principle, standard.. rule.. do you find your store manager?
I was the third person in the queue.. the manager was on the coffee machine.. is he able to do a coffee???
you choice all your staff without any garantee that they are able to do the coffee????
5 person on the queue (it means no queue.. just 5 person) he was stressed.. anxious.. 5 person? anxious for 5 coffee???
I never, never.. NEVER drink a very ### drink. He is not able to do an acceptable customer service, it is better not say about the coffee quality.. where did you find him? in a charity office?
I could expect from the trainee barista that he is not ready or able to do an acceptable drink or acceptable customer service, but this is not acceptable from the store manager!
Maybe you don't understand, I am writing about the STORE MANAGER!
Costa is a coffee company or you sell dirty water?
good job Costa.. your management recruitment procedures are very very good!
and please.. don't contact me back.. or by email that I am not able to pick up the phone always, but don't worry, I won't never come in a Costa coffee again


Jul 22, 2016

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