Costa Coffeebelgian chocolate creamy cooler

Dear reader i'm am writing to inform you about how i'm utterly disappointed with costa. I generally love your drinks however this time everything was disgraceful. After ordering a medio belgian chocolate creamy cooler a drink that is supposed to be cold was warm and it was made differently. Secondly the drink was not filled to the top of the cup and was a drink made with no care, just randomly made in a rush. Lastly we thought this was the end of our problems until we come to pay and the staff were very rude. Not treating the customer with any basic customer service which I was shocked and appalled by.
This really is unacceptable with poor customer satisfaction. So I really need to get my money back because as a regular customer who comes to costa daily this is not the way I should ever be treated.
If serious action does not take place I will be reporting this incident to my solicitor who will take further action based on the attitude that customers receive by staff. Thank you

May 18, 2017

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