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I received a disturbing phone call the other day from a lady who I asume was a debt collection agent. She didnt say she was but she told me in her exact words that an old account of mine was past due from 12 years ago and then said something about a 1099 fee or referral. I then thought she was from the IRS so then asked her to slow down and explain the 1099. She then told me to stop interupting her and she would explain. Again she explained and brought up the 1099. I then asked her to clarify her self what the 1099 was for. Was it a $10.99 charge or was she reporting the expired account to the IRS. She then told me very angry to stop playing and if this was my sense of humor. I then told her I would like her to clarify and she started yelling saying to i want to clarify the stuation or not. I then told her to answer my question and she grew angry and said she would just put down that I did not agree to resolve this matter. I then hung up after her and called back at the same time looking up the company on the internet. Another lady answered and I asked what company it was I was calling. She said Consumery Recovery Associates. I asked if this was the same women and she grew angry again. She sounded the same with the same noisy fan background and kid. She explained again and for some reason when it came to the 1099 she would lead me into believing it would be reported to the IRS. Then when I asked her to clarify she would grow angry. I then asked her to talk to someone else and she said sure and hung up on me.. Before we hung up I had repeatidly asked to find out more about the account but no info. These people were rude and had no problem yelling at people.I figured if they were the IRS they would not conduct themselves in an unprofessional manner..

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  • Cr
      Mar 04, 2011

    I apologize for the bad experience with one of our representatives. Please give me a call directly at [protected], or you can fill out a Contact A Manager form on our website:

    We take your feedback seriously and will do everything we can to correct the situation quickly.

    Consumer Recovery Associates is nationally licensed, bonded and insured, and we abide by the legal and ethical guidelines put forth in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals’ pledge.

    Kalin Scott, Consumer Recovery Associates President

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  • Pi
      Mar 13, 2011

    On 03/10 I recieved a call from Consumer Recovery Agency . A woman left a message on my cell phone without her name I said that she was from CRA. Called back and a gentleman pick up the phone and said that she was his secretaryand that I had a debt of 700.00 with a pay yes payday loan company. Asked mr to validate the dept mr refused and quick he said that we can get into a payment plan and i said that i cando that because I dont recognized the dept. Mr got angry and said good luck and hangup the phone.

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